György Striker Junior Paper Award 2012

Ville Rantanen, Tampere University of Technology, FINLAND

"Capacitive Facial Activity Measurement"

Ville Rantanen

Contact Information of Ville Rantanen

Department of Automation Science and Engineering
Tampere University of Technology
P.O. Box 692

FI-33101 Tampere


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Short Biography

Ville Rantanen was born on October 12, 1981 in Tampere, Finland. He received his Master of Science degree in biomedical engineering from the Tampere University of Technology in 2007. After that he has carried out postgraduate studies in measurement technology at the same university. At the time of the 20th IMEKO World Congress in 2012, the studies were still ongoing.

The research work by Ville Rantanen has focused on capacitive sensing methods and using electric fields in sensing. He is interested in applying these measurements in biomedical applications and in all applications that measure humans. His research career started with his M.Sc. thesis work “Interdigital Transducers for Monitoring Implant Biocompatibility”. Since then his research has included using a capacitive measurement in measuring facial movements. A simplistic implementation of the measurement has been used in several human-computer interaction studies to detect single voluntary facial movements, and in the XXth IMEKO World Congress Mr. Rantanen presented a study how the measurement can be used to measure facial activity more extensively.

Ville Rantanen has also worked as a teaching assistant in advanced courses related to sensor technology at the Department of Automation Science and Engineering, Tampere University of Technology.

His achievements include receiving his M.Sc. degree with distinction, a Nokia Scholarship from the Nokia Foundation in 2011, a whole-year research grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation in 2012, and the György Striker Junior Paper Award in 2012.