György Striker Junior Paper Award 2000

Damir Ilić, University of Zagreb, CROATIA

Damir Ilić

Curriculum Vitae

Short Biography

  • born on June 12, 1965 in Zagreb, Croatia, where he is still living
  • study of Electrical Engineering at the Zagreb University, 1990 diploma work "Automatic checking of distant protection by checking devices controlled by computer"
  • 1994 M.Sc. work "Contribution to the determination of the unit volt and its maintenance by standards"
  • 1999 doctoral thesis "Use of digital measuring instruments in maintenance of standards"
  • 1998 "Young Scientist Support" award on the Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements for the paper V. Bego, J. Butorac, D. Ilić: "Realisation of Croatian electromagnetic prototype of the Kilogram"
  • 2000 "György Striker Junior Paper Award" for the paper D. Ilić, J. Butorac: Measurement of AC voltages with digital voltmeters