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ACTA IMEKO, Vol 8 (2019), No 3

Table of Contents


Contact page
Dirk Röske, PDF

Introductory notes for the Acta IMEKO Special Section on the Asia-Pacific Symposium on Measurement of Mass, Force and Torque (APMF 2017)
Rugkanawan Wongpithayadisai, Jeerasak Pitakarnnop, pp. 1-2, PDF

Research Papers

Investigation of a deadweight force standard machine with a 1 mN – 10 N range
Gang Hu, Jile Jiang, Tao Li, Zhimin Zhang, Honglei Ji, Lijun Zhuang, pp. 3-9, PDF

EURAMET cg-18 – state-of-the-art calibration guideline for non-automatic weighing instruments
Klaus Fritsch, pp. 10-18, PDF

Different long-term characteristics of hydraulic pressure gauges under constant pressure applications
Hiroaki Kajikawa, Tokihiko Kobata, pp. 19-24, PDF

Calibration values uninfluenced by the kind of pressure medium and the setting posture for quartz Bourdon-type pressure transducers
Hideaki Iizumi, Hiroaki Kajikawa, Tokihiko Kobata, pp. 25-29, PDF

Establishment of torque realisation up to 5 kN·m with a new design of the torque standard machine
Nittaya Arksonnarong, Nattapon Saenkhum, Pramann Chantaraksa, Tassanai Sanponpute, pp. 30-35, PDF

The improvement of an elastic hinge-type torque standard machine in NIMT
Nattapon Saenkhum, Tassanai Sanponpute, pp. 36-41, PDF

Influences of shaker armature dynamics on periodic force measurement
Saher R. Hassan, Christian Schlegel, Rolf Kumme, pp. 42-47, PDF

A Standard for Rotatory Power Measurement
Andreas Brüge, Harald Pfeiffer, pp. 48-58, PDF

Influences on torque measurement in nacelle test benches and their effect on the measurement uncertainty and consequences of a torque calibration
Gisa Foyer, Stefan Kock, Paula Weidinger, pp. 59-68, PDF

Performance evaluation of underwater image pre-processing algorithms for the improvement of multi-view 3D reconstruction
Alessandro Gallo, Fabio Bruno, Loris Barbieri, Antonio Lagudi, Maurizio Muzzupappa, pp.  69-77, PDF

Parasitic loads in torque standard machines: a characterization, comparison, and evaluation
Sebastian Baumgarten, Dirk Röske, Jussi Ala Hiiro, Lukas Vavrecka, Stefan Kock, Jonas Gnauert, pp. 78-89, PDF