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ACTA IMEKO, Vol 7 (2018), No 4

Table of Contents


Contact page
Dirk Röske, p. 0, PDF

Introductory notes for the Acta IMEKO special section on the "22nd Symposium on the Measurement of Electrical Quantities" and the "20th Workshop on ADC/DAC Modeling and Testing"
Alexandru Salceanu, Vilmos Pálfi, p. 1-2, PDF

Research Papers

New Approach on the Agile Cycles Containment Effectiveness Metrics in Automotive SW Development
Ionut Andrei Sandu, Alexandru Salceanu, p. 3-8, PDF

Proposal of a Super-Symmetric Microcalorimeter for Single Step Realization of RF Primary Power Standard
Emil Vremera, Luciano Brunetti, p. 9-14, PDF

Measurement technologies for permanent magnets
Stefan Möwius, Nicolas Kropff, Mircea Velicescu, p. 15-20, PDF

Variability of measured railway track conductance due to test set-up
Jacopo Bongiorno, Andrea Mariscotti, p. 21-25, PDF

Fast blood impedance measurements as quality indicators in the pre-analytical phase to prevent laboratory errors
Denise De Zanet, Monica Battiston, Elisabetta Lombardi, Alessandro Da Ponte, Ruben Specogna, Francesco Trevisan, Antonio Affanni, Mario Mazzucato, p. 26-32, PDF

Application of force and inertial sensors to monitor gait on legacy walkers
Vitor Viegas, José Miguel Dias Pereira, Octavian Postolache, Pedro Silva Girão, p. 33-41, PDF

Evaluation of pressure effects on acoustic thermometer with a single waveguide
Rok Tavcar, Dusan Agrez, Samo Begus, p. 42-47, PDF

Heating an electric car with a biofuel operated heater during cold seasons – design, application and test
Christian Riess, Michael Simon Josef Walter, Stefan Weiherer, Tiffany Haas, Sebastian Haas, Alexandru Salceanu, p. 48-54, PDF

Design of technology-based rehabilitation pathways: the experience of Santobono-Pausilipon Hospital
Luigi Iuppariello, Mario Cesarelli, Giuliana Faiella, S. Esposito, M. Nespoli, L. Foggia, Fabrizio Clemente, p. 55-61, PDF

Monitoring System Based on Phasor Measurement Units with Variable Reporting Rates
Paolo Castello, Carlo Muscas, Paolo Attilio Pegoraro, Sara Sulis, p. 62-69, PDF

Analysis of the influence of the current drawn by the appliance on the close magnetic field
Silviu Ursache, Eduard Lunca, Alexandru Salceanu, Ionel Pavel, p. 70-74, PDF

In-field monitoring of eight photovoltaic plants: degradation rate along seven years of continuous operation
Alessio Carullo, Antonella Castellana, Alberto Vallan, Alessandro Ciocia, Filippo Spertino, p. 75-81, PDF

Research challenges in Measurement for Internet of Things systems
Eulalia Balestrieri, Luca De Vito, Francesco Lamonaca, Francesco Picariello, Sergio Rapuano, Ioan Tudosa, p. 82-94, PDF

On the revised SI, namely on the numerical value of the Planck constant
Franco Pavese, p. 95-101, PDF