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ACTA IMEKO, Vol 8 (2019), No 1

Table of Contents


Contact page
Dirk Röske, p. 0, PDF

Introduction to the Acta IMEKO special issue on the ‘IMEKO TC3, TC5 and TC22 International Conference 2017’
Petri Koponen, Maija Ojanen-Saloranta, Dušan Agrež, p. 1-2, PDF

Research Papers

Indentation modulus at macro-scale level measured from Brinell and Vickers indenters by using the primary hardness standard machine at INRiM
Alessandro Schiavi, Claudio Origlia, Alessandro Germak, Giulio Barbato, Giovanni Maizza, Gianfranco Genta, Roberto Cagliero, Gianluca Coppola, p. 3-12, PDF

A method for the evaluation of the response of torque transducers to dynamic load profiles
Rafael Soares Oliveira, Renato R. Machado, H. Lepikson, Thomas Fröhlich, René Theska, p. 13-18, PDF

Setup for the dynamic calibration of bridge amplifiers from DC up to 10 kHz
Leonard Klaus, M. Florian Beug, Thomas Bruns, p. 19-24, PDF

A new method for the calibration of strain cylinders using laser interferometry
Junning Cui, Rolf Kumme, Holger Kahmann, p. 25-32, PDF

Development of a tri-axial primary vibration calibration system
Zhihua Liu, Chenguang Cai, Ming Yang, Mei Yu, p. 33-39, PDF

Automatic fall monitoring using the floor vibration
Marco Tarabini, Filip Gocanin, Bortolino Saggin, Diego Scaccabarozzi, Marco Bocciolone, p. 40-47, PDF

A new method for accurate platelet thrombi volume measurement using a confocal microscope
Denise De Zanet, Monica Battiston, Elisabetta Lombardi, Ruben Specogna, Francesco Trevisan, Luigi De Marco, Antonio Affanni, Mario Mazzucato, p. 48-55, PDF

Dual channel electrodermal activity and an ECG wearable sensor to measure mental stress from the hands
Antonio Affanni, p. 56-63, PDF

Dynamic measuring methods: a review
Aleksandr Shestakov, p. 64-76, PDF

A discrete time domain approach on time delay estimation
Jorma Kekalainen, p. 77-86, PDF

Phase correlation functions: FFT vs. FHT
Giuseppe Schirripa Spagnolo, Lorenzo Cozzella, Fabio Leccese, p. 87-92, PDF

Thermographic and electrical characterization of a photovoltaic panel under partial shading conditions: a case study
Giovanni Bucci, Fabrizio Ciancetta, Edoardo Fiorucci, Antonio Delle Femine, p. 93-102, PDF

Lock-in amplifier with a high common-mode rejection ratio in the range of 0.02 to 100 kHz
Pavel Baranov, Valeriy Borikov, Veronica Ivanova, Bien Bui Duc, Sergey Uchaikin, Cheng-Yang Liu, p. 103-110, PDF