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ACTA IMEKO, Vol 8 (2019), No 4

Table of Contents


Contact page
Dirk Röske, PDF

Introductory notes for the Acta IMEKO special section on the IMEKO TC17 co-sponsored international conference ISMCR’2019 
Yvan Baudoin, Yves Dubucq, Frank E. Schneider, Tim Van Langenhoven, pp. 1-2, PDF

Research Papers

Mobile manipulator control through gesture recognition using IMUs and Online Lazy Neighborhood Graph search 
Padmaja Vivek Kulkarni, Boris Illing, Bastian Gaspers, Bernd Brüggemann, Dirk Schulz, pp. 3-8, PDF

Coverage path planning for a flock of aerial vehicles to support autonomous rovers through traversability analysis
Dario Calogero Guastella, Luciano Cantelli, Domenico Longo, Carmelo Donato Melita, Giovanni Muscato, pp. 9-12, PDF

A proof of concept of the in-flight launch of unmanned aerial vehicles in a search and rescue scenario
Niels Nauwynck, Haris Balta, Geert De Cubber, Hichem Sahli, pp. 13-19, PDF

Using a qualitative and quantitative validation methodology to evaluate a drone detection system
Daniela Doroftei, Geert De Cubber, pp. 20-27, PDF

Hierarchical data fusion architecture for autonomous systems
Ivan Ermolov, pp. 28-32, PDF

An active beacon-based leader vehicle tracking system
Stanislaw Goll, Elena Zakharova, pp. 33-40, PDF

Ultrasonic rangefinder with resolution in hundredths of the probing signal's wavelength for the mobile rescue robot
Stanislaw Goll, Julia Maximova, pp. 41-46, PDF

Interactive model of magnetic field reconstruction stand for mobile robot navigation algorithms debugging which use magnetometer data
Stanislaw Goll, Alexander Borisov, pp. 47-53, PDF

Simulator effectiveness test for e-training with the use DROMADER tele-operated vehicle
Igor Ostrowski, Andrzej Maslowski, pp. 54-61, PDF

Pre-filter design for exact linearization-based tracking controllers for variable-load systems
Na Wang, Balint Kiss, pp. 62-69, PDF