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ACTA IMEKO, Vol 9 (2020), No 2

Table of Contents


Contact page
Dirk Röske, PDF

Introductory notes for the Acta IMEKO Special Issue on the “23rd Symposium on Measurement of Electrical Quantities” and “International Workshop on Metrology for Agriculture and Forestry - 2019”
Alexandru Salceanu, Mauro D'Arco, Oscar Tamburis, pp. 1-2, PDF

Research Papers

An ECG signal model based on a parametric description of the characteristic waves
Pavol Dolinsky, Imrich Andras, Linus Michaeli, Jan Saliga, pp. 3-9, PDF

Experimental Characterization of Pantograph Arcs and Transient Conducted Phenomena in DC Railways
Andrea Mariscotti, Domenico Giordano, pp. 10-17, PDF

Evaluation of the results of regional metrology organisation comparisons and national inter-laboratory comparisons for electrical quantities
Oleh Velychko, Tetyana Gordiyenko, Stanislav Karpenko, pp. 18-24, PDF

Uncertainty of the Energy Measurement Function deriving from Distortion Power Terms for a 16.7 Hz Railway
Andrea Mariscotti, pp. 25-31, PDF

A Data-Based Approach for Smart Meter Online Calibration
Fangxing Liu, Chengbin Liang, Qing He, pp. 32-37, PDF

A Wi-Fi IoT prototype for ECG monitoring exploiting a novel Compressed Sensing method
Eulalia Balestrieri, Pasquale Daponte, Luca De Vito, Francesco Picariello, Sergio Rapuano, Ioan Tudosa, pp. 38-45, PDF

Research trends and challenges on DAC testing
Eulalia Balestrieri, Pasquale Daponte, Luca De Vito, Francesco Picariello, Sergio Rapuano, Ioan Tudosa, pp. 46-51, PDF

A review of accurate phase measurement methods and instruments for sinewave signals
Eulalia Balestrieri, Luca De Vito, Francesco Picariello, Sergio Rapuano, Ioan Tudosa, pp. 52-58, PDF

Neural network models for soil moisture forecasting from remote sensed measurements
Andrea Marini, Loris Francesco Termite, Alberto Garinei, Marcello Marconi, Lorenzo Biondi, pp. 59-65, PDF

Application of machine learning techniques and empirical mode decomposition for the classification of analog modulated signals
Domenico Luca Carnì, Eulalia Balestrieri, Ioan Tudosa, Francesco Lamonaca, pp. 66-74, PDF

Automatic measurement of the hand dimensions using consumer 3D cameras
Daniele Marchisotti, Pietro Marzaroli, Remo Sala, Michele Sculati, Hermes Giberti, Marco Tarabini, pp. 75-82, PDF

Technical Note

Introducing Evja - "Rugged" Intelligent Support System for precision farming
Niccolò Loret, Antonio Affinito, Giuliano Bonanomi, pp. 83-88, PDF