TC21 - Mathematical Tools for Measurements

The Technical Committee 21 of IMEKO (IMEKO TC21) was officially established in the year 2004.

To promote the harmonisation, the co-ordinated use and the development of new mathematical and
statistical tools for measurements, and their implementation in guides, procedures and codes, acting
as a portal on an international environment.

Membership aims at continuing to group of Institutions having participated to the AMCTM Community and to the SofTools_MetroNet Network either as members (formally participating to the network) or as partners ("friends" in IMEKO terms).
The subdivision of these Institutions into members and "friends" has no practical influence of the activities. In addition, cross-membership of persons active in other IMEKO TCs is welcome and encouraged, from TCs with complementary activities.
At present (2016) membership consists of 39 Members and 44 Friends from 32 Countries worldwide.


Responsible for the IMEKO TC21 website content: Dr. Franco Pavese, Torino, ITALY (see Members).