TC11 - Measurement in Testing, Inspection and Certification


  • What: 45-minute Discussion Club “TIC talks”
  • Who: IMEKO TC-11 “Measurement in Testing, Inspection and Certification”
  • Name of the discussion room: Port terminals with optical smart technologies applied to onsite measurement of waste and bulk cargo Volume.
  • Date and time: 11 Apr 2024 13:00 CET
  • Link: (the link is active only during the meeting)
  • Fee: free of charge for participants
  • Name and surname of the moderator: Jorge Garcia Fernández
  • Short description of the discussion topic: Step into the future with 'Port Terminals with Opticam Smart Technologies': A groundbreaking event where the sharp edges of entrepreneurship slice through the complexities of waste and cargo volume measurement. Science and business unite for a greener, more efficient tomorrow. Be there for innovation in action!
  • Briefly about the moderator: Jorge is an entrepeneur having developed several startup companies with technological innovations, He is also a University professor in Lisbon.