Metrology for reliable fuel consumption measurements

C. Kroner, H. Warnecke, O. Büker, K. Stolt, P. Wennergren, G. Hagemann, M. Werner
Reliable fuel consumption measurements play an essential role in developments to increase engine efficiency and the transformation to e-fuels or emission determination. A verification of the performance of flow meters used for the fuel consumption measurements under real-world conditions compared to laboratory conditions is thus of great interest since often the measurement technology must be an order of magnitude better than the targeted improvements. Apart from the influence of the pressure- and temperature-dependent transport properties of the fuels and the ambient conditions, a characterization of the measurement performance under dynamic fuel consumption and at low or zero consumption is of particular relevance. Traceable metrological infrastructures and procedures, which will enable an evaluation of the measurement performance of flow meters in this regard, are currently being developed within the scope of the EMPIR-project “Safest” (20IND13). Test profiles based on the demand of the engine control unit were derived for passenger cars and trucks which take up characteristic sequences of the harmonized test cycles WLTC and WHTC. The profiles can simply be scaled to reflect different engine sizes. Based on a profile from a ferry navigating in a harbour the performance of flow meters used in the maritime sector is investigated. In addition to the measurement accuracy under dynamic conditions, the performance of flow meters is analysed related to ambient conditions and different transport properties of the fuels. The investigations show influencing factors that should be considered when determining emissions by means of flow measurements of the fuel supply to the engine.
Safest; EMPIR; Maritime transport; Performance of flow meters at operating conditions
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19th International Flow Measurement Conference 2022

Chongqing, CHINA
01 November 2022 - 04 November 2022