General Council

The General Council is the supreme governing body. It consists of one or two delegates from each Member Organization and holds yearly Sessions.


The Secretariat is the executive body headed by the Secretary General. It carries out the decisions of the GC in accordance with the resolutions passed at Sessions.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board has to formulate proposals on the policy and strategy of IMEKO and is chaired by the Immediate Past President.

  • Prof. K. T. V. Grattan, UK (Chairman, Immediate Past President)
  • Dr. A. Germak, Italy (Secretary)
  • Prof. P. S. Girao, Portugal
  • Dr. Alan Steele, Canada
  • Prof. O. Aumala, Finland, HONORARY MEMBER
  • Dr. K. Iizuka, Japan, HONORARY MEMBER
  • Prof. M. Peters, Germany, HONORARY MEMBER
  • Prof. T. Pfeifer, Germany, HONORARY MEMBER
  • Prof. L. Van Biesen, Belgium, HONORARY MEMBER
  • Prof. A. M. Da Cruz Serra, Portugal, HONORARY MEMBER
  • Prof. F. Righini, Italy, HONORARY MEMBER
  • Dr. Dae-Im Kang, South Korea, HONORARY MEMBER
  • Prof. Pasquale Daponte, Italy, HONORARY MEMBER
  • Roland Collay, France, HONORARY MEMBER

Technical Board

The Technical Board has to analyze and to support the activity of the Technical Committees and is chaired by the President Elect.

  • Dr. Frank Härtig, Germany (Chairman, President Elect)
  • Secretary, IMEKO Secretariat
  • Dr. D. Röske, Germany (Information Officer)
  • Prof. J. Halttunen, Finland
  • Ms. M. Chambon, France
  • Dr. James K. Olthoff, USA
  • All TC Chairmen ex officio
  • Editor-in-chief of MEASUREMENT ex officio:
    Chairman of the MEASUREMENT Editorial Board: Prof. P. Carbone, Italy
  • Editor-in-chief of Acta IMEKO: Prof. Francesco Lamonaca, Italy

Drafting Committee

The Drafting Committee is responsible for the Resolutions and Minutes of GC Sessions.

  • Prof. Ron Summers, UK (Chair)
  • Prof. T. Pfeifer, Germany
  • Prof. Aimé Lay-Ekuakille, Italy

Credentials and Membership Committee

The Credentials and Membership Committee has to confirm the validity of credential letters of GC delegates and to examine applications for membership.

  • Prof. L. Van Biesen, Belgium (Chair)
  • Prof. Jaromir Volf, Czech Republic
  • Dr. Isabel Castanheira, Portugal

Supervisory Committee (Audit Committee)


  • Mrs. Maguelonne Chambon, France
  • Mr. Aiwen Ma, China
  • Dr. Zafar Taqvi, USA


2020: 63rd General Council Session and related board meetings:

  • The Presidential Board held its 5th Web Meeting on the 29th August 2020 and decided to cancel the GC Session with the TB+MEB and AB Meetings planned to hold “in person” in Dubrovnik-Cavtat. The annual meetings will be organized as web meetings.

2021: 64th General Council Session and related board meetings:

  • 2021, immediately before the XXIII IMEKO World Congress
  • Yokohama, JAPAN