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World Metrology Day (WMD) 2019

The theme for World Metrology Day (WMD) 2019 on 20 May is "The International System of Units Fundamentally better". This theme was chosen because on 16 November 2018, the General Conference on Weights and Measures agreed perhaps one of the most significant revisions to the International System of Units (the SI) since its inception. Research into new measurement methods, including those using quantum phenomena, underpin the change which comes into force on 20 May 2019.

The SI is now based on a set of definitions each linked to the laws of physics and have the advantage of being able to embrace further improvements in measurement science and technology to meet the needs of future users for many years to come. The science of measurement plays a central role in scientific fields, improves the quality of life and protects the global environment.

Read more on the website of the WMD:

The first 2019 issue of Acta IMEKO is published

Distinguished Readers,
The here finalized issue of Acta IMEKO presents the highlights of the Joint Conference of IMEKO Technical Committees 3 (Measurement of Force, Mass and Torque), 5 (Hardness Measurement), and 22 (Vibration Measurement). The conference was hosted by the Finnish Society of Automation, and took place on May 30 to June 1, 2017, in spring like but still chilly Helsinki. This event invited experts and presentations around the theme “Measurements facing new challenges”. Out of the 97 presented papers, from 24 countries, the section chairpersons and members of the Scientific Committee made the selection of the most suitable 17 papers, with the standards, requirements and profile of Acta IMEKO Journal. As result of the review process with highly committed referees, the extended versions of the best 5 papers were accepted for this issue ...
(From the editorial by Maija Ojanen-Saloranta and  Petri Koponen)

Dear Reader,
Eight additional papers are closing the first issue of Acta IMEKO in 2019 ...
Hope you will have an interesting and a fruitful reading of this issue of Acta IMEKO.
Dušan Agrež, Editor-in-Chief of Acta IMEKO
The full papers are available for free from the website of Acta IMEKO. Enjoy reading.

Save the date for the XXIIIrd IMEKO World Congress in Yokohama in 2021

Preliminary information can be found on the web site of the IMEKO XXIII World Congress 2021.

EUROLAB has published cookbooks on the new ISO/IEC 17025

What are cookbooks? From EUROLAB's website: "EUROLAB cookbooks are short documents on quality issues to help laboratories comply with ISO/IEC 17025." Please visit the EUROLAB website and read or download these documents.

The XXIInd IMEKO World Congress, the major IMEKO event in 2018 is over

Please check the web site of the IMEKO XXII World Congress 2018 (which took place in Belfast, UK from September 3rd to 6th) for the latest news about the event and some photos in the gallery.