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 Important key dates for the XXIV IMEKO World Congress in Hamburg

Submission of Abstracts until 25 February 2024 31 January 2024
Full Paper Submission until 22 April 2024 8 April 2024
End of Early Bird registration 15 June 2024
Submission of final Full Papers until 30 June 2024
End of Registration 25 July 2024
IMEKO World Congress 26 – 29 August 2024


Newsletter April 2024

The April issue of the newsletter has been published now!

The IMEKO community's main event of the year is the World Congress in August in Hamburg, Germany. We are all preparing and look very much forward to it.
Besides the Technical Committee sessions, workshops and technical visits are organised at the World Congress. Find out more about these and the Helmholtz funds offering the Helmholtz Price. Recently, IMEKO participated in the BIPM-initiated Digitalisation workshop and Forum. The Presidential Board is preparing its Spring Meeting. Talking about spring, Metrology Day 2024 is also coming soon. Meet Christian Eugène, a special long-time IMEKO community member, in this issue. Read about our partner's activities and interesting IMEKO-supported events...


The first 2024 issue of Acta IMEKO is complete.

Dear readers,
The first quarter of the year 2024 comes to its end and as usual, another issue of our open-access online journal, Acta IMEKO, is complete. We start the 13th volume of the journal and in this issue no. 1 we have a section with 9 freely submitted papers as well as another part of the Thematic issue on Measurements and Applications in Veterinary and Animal Sciences with 21 papers. This second section continues the series that was started in the fourth issue of the last year.

If you want to find out more about the articles in the sections, please read the Introductory notes for the Acta IMEKO first issue in 2024 by Francesco Lamonaca, the Editor-in-Chief of the journal, and the Introductory notes to the Thematic issue on Measurements
and Applications in Veterinary and Animal Sciences - part 2 by Leopoldo Angrisani et al.

Please feel free to read all Acta IMEKO articles on the journal's website.
For a quick overview, a table of contents is available on our Acta IMEKO page on this site.

29 March 2024, Dirk Röske, IMEKO Information Officer


Newsletter February 2024

The February issue of the newsletter is published now!
2024 is special for IMEKO as our triennial World Congresses will take place in Hamburg, Germany! 
Besides the anticipation of the Congress, the first event of 2024, a successful Technical Committee workshop, has already occurred in January.
Acta IMEKO, our online Journal, published a new issue and announced the best reviewers of 2023.
In this newsletter, meet Michela Sega, TC8 Chair.
From the industrial contacts, Mettler Toledo is introducing itself.
There is a glimpse of view offered into the 1960s how a ladies' programme could be organised at a conference.
IMEKO's major event is the Congress, but we do support several other events organised elsewhere, such as the 4th International DCC Conference on FAIR principles and the 2nd International Symposium Dubai UAE. Our successful partner, EUROLAB, shares its plans with us for 2024.
Last, we remember Dr Steffen Rudtsch, who recently passed away.


Dear friends and colleagues,

It is with sorrow that we announce the passing away of our colleague, friend, and member of IMEKO TC12, Dr Steffen Rudtsch, on 20 January in the wake of a short, serious illness.
We all liked Steffen, his friendly character, and his readiness to help and participate in all our efforts with his expertise.
We admired his worldwide scientific recognition and contributions to metrology.
May he rest in peace and in our memory.
With best regards,
Davor Zvizdic, IMEKO TC12 Chair


The fourth 2023 issue of Acta IMEKO is complete.

Dear readers,
As usual, at the end of the quarter, another issue of our open-access online journal, Acta IMEKO, is complete. This issue no. 4 concludes the 12th volume, which is related to the year 2023. The publication of the first articles started early in November. Now, there are 42 research papers in the issue, accompanied by three editorials. Besides the introduction to the General Track, the other two editorials introduce the "Thematic issues" with the titles

Editorial to selected papers from the 2022 IMEKO International Conference on ‘Metrology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage’ - 2nd part


Introductory notes for the Acta IMEKO thematic issue on Measurements and Applications in Veterinary and Animal Sciences.

Please feel free to read all Acta IMEKO articles on the journal's website.
For a quick overview, a table of contents is available on our Acta IMEKO page on this site.

28 December 2023, Dirk Röske, IMEKO Information Officer


Newsletter December 2023

The December issue of the newsletter is published now!
We are coming to the end of 2023.
For IMEKO, it has been an excellent year!
With the warm words of the IMEKO President, Professor Frank Härtig starts our special.
This is followed by the IMEKO Member Countries, the delegates of Thailand, Japan, Brazil, the Arab Emirates, and Croatia, who were kind enough to share their customs of the country at this time of the year.
We also have the recent successes told by conference organisers and more..


Newsletter November 2023

The November newsletter issue contains the following articles: 
The success of the joint TC8 Traceability in Metrology, TC11 Measurement in Testing, Inspection and Certification and TC24 Chemical Measurements conference held with EUROLABin Madeira, Portugal. 

As part of this event, yet another scope is the introduction of the Sensor Group with young scientists from Prague, the Czech Republic, who also participated in this event.
This time's introduction is very special; it's about Mr Torben Rask Licht, who is a long-time Hottinger Brüel & Kjær (HBK) affiliated who was also among the founders of the IMEKO TC22, Vibration Measurement. Our online journal Acta IMEKO presents this year's third issue with various articles. Last but not least, the Presidential Board continues with their frequent meetings. The highlights of their last one are brought to you here.


The third 2023 issue of Acta IMEKO is complete.

Dear interested readers,
The third quarter of the year 2023 comes to its end, and the next issue of our open-access online journal Acta IMEKO is complete. The publication of the first articles started early in August and at the end of September, we now have 40 scientific papers in the issue from quite different fields, but all related to measurement. Besides the introduction to the General Track, there are four editorials introducing the "Thematic issues":

Measurement Systems and Instruments based on IoT Technologies for Health

Selected papers from the 2022 IMEKO TC11&TC24 Joint Conference (2nd part on testing, inspection and certification as well as chemical measurements)

Selected papers from the 2022 IMEKO TC4 symposium on electrical measurements

Selected papers from the 2022 IMEKO International Conference on ‘Metrology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage’.

As always, feel free to read all Acta IMEKO articles on the journal's website.
29 September 2023, Dirk Röske, IMEKO Information Officer



Newsletter September 2023

The September newsletter is published now.

IMEKO is in full swing this year, with Technical Committee conferences, plenty of online workshops, and the organization of our triennial World Congress, 2024 Hamburg, Germany, which just opened up last weekend for registrations.
You can follow the developments of IMEKO 2024 on their homepage and social media.
This edition's unique topic is the 65th anniversary of IMEKO, which was celebrated recently during the IMEKO General Council Sessions.
This newsletter contains more on the Sessions, such as about publishing about the joint effort on digitalization, some facts in numbers about last year, and about the World Congress 2027.
Regarding personal introductions, meet Professor Elisabeth Costa Montero, Chair of TC13 Measurements in Biology and Medicine.
TC20 Measurement of Energy and Related Quantities reports on their recent conference success. 


The second 2023 issue of Acta IMEKO is complete.

There are 35 research papers and 2 technical notes in the issue - and this is a collection of selected keywords from the papers (in alphabetical order):
3D printing * action recognition * adaptive filtering * additive manufacturing * agricultural IoT * analog to digital converter * angular velocity * apnea * applied mathematics * array of sensors * artificial intelligence * astroclimate * ATLAS * atmospheric absorption * autonomous sensor node * beamforming * best practice * biosensor * blade * brain computer interface * breast cancer * building heritage * cancer aggressiveness * cancer cell lines * causes of variability * chemometrics * circular economy * classroom examples and software * climate observation * contactless measurement * data fusion * data synthesis * decision rule * dentistry * dipole model * electroencephalography * electromagnetic tracking * embedded sensors * Émile Durkheim * European Metrology Network * evacuation plan * executive function monitoring * exploding wire * fear of heights * Fiber Bragg grating sensor * flexural strength * Great War heritage * healthcare * human re-identification * image analysis * impulse-radar sensors * innovation management system * innovation-IoT * intellectual property management * Internet of Things * Kalman filter * Large Hadron Collider * laser scanner * LIDAR * liquid argon calorimeter * machine learning * magnetic field generator optimization * magnetic field gradients * masonry waste * MATHMET * Max Weber * maximum admissible risk * microprocessor tachometer * military archaeology * millimeter wave * Monte Carlo method * morphology analysis * MUSIC technique * nanoparticle distribution * Nanopowder * Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) * Neper * noise * non-invasive measurements * nutritional factors * optical sorting of building material * osteosarcoma * PCA * piezoresistivity * plastic waste sorting * polymers * position estimation * Positive and Negative Openness * postprandial glucose response * power distribution board * precipitated water * pressure measurement * proficiency testing * PW Doppler * quantization and sampling error equation * radiation protection * radio range * radon calibration * radon flux calibration * re-calibration interval * resilience * RGB-D camera * risk of wrong decision * robot perception * sample volume * self-sensing materials * side-channel attack * sky-view factor * smart agriculture * smart building * smart card * smart farming technologies * stereolithography * stress-strain measurements * structural health monitoring * testing-inspection-certification * traceRadon * transparency windows * turbomachinery * turbulence * type 1 diabetes * ultrasound diagnostic systems * uncertainty of human joints * vibrations * virtual reality * vulnerability assessment * wearables * zero-velocity update.
Enjoy reading at Acta IMEKO.
30 June 2023, Dirk Röske, IMEKO Information Officer


Newsletter June 2023

The June newsletter issue contains the following articles: 

The greatest IMEKO event, the World Congress 2024 Hamburg, Germany, is getting closer. This an excellent opportunity for many to meet again in person and present their research work to the world. There will also be a significant Industrial presence.

The Metrology Day theme was "Measurements Supporting the Global Food System."
IMEKO Technical Committee 24, dedicated to Chemical Measurements, celebrated the day with an online workshop. Still about food is the upcoming Technical Committee 23 (Metrology in Food and Nutrition) conference organized at ANSES, the French scientific assessment agency for food and nutrition, introduced in this issue.

A special, cross-disciplinary working group will represent IMEKO in the International Committee for Weight and Measures (CIPM) effort, which is developing a cross-sectional forum working on the SI Digital Framework. IMEKO is one of the supporting bodies in the long-term initiative to develop and establish a worldwide uniform and secure data exchange


Newsletter April 2023

The April newsletter issue contains the following articles: 
 Mr Paul Regtien, whose name is familiar to most of us, talks about the birth of our online journal Acta IMEKO. The first 2023 issue of Acta is complete and online. AMA Service GmdB tells about the SMSI 2023 conference, which, as a unique feature, is organized in parallel with their leading international SENSOR+TEST trade fair in Nurnberg, Germany. In this issue, Professor Simone Keller Füchter is introduced. Dr Leonardo Iannucci became a member of the Elsevier ECAB, and there is some more ELSEVIER news. The history of TC4, written by Mario Savino, Measurement of Electrical Quantities, continues. Finally, in this edition, we remember Professor Yuri Chugui, a long-time colleague and friend of IMEKO, who recently passed away.



The first 2023 issue of Acta IMEKO is complete.

Now, at the end of the first quarter of the year, we have completed the first 2023 issue of our online-only journal with a bunch of research articles that hopefully find your interest.
This issue has one special track dedicated to extended versions of papers that have been submitted to the first IMEKO TC6 conference after its re-animation with a new subject and title - Digitalization. The conference took place in Berlin, Germany, on 19-21 September 2021. 15 extended papers were submitted and accepted by the journal, all dealing with aspects of digitalization, including sensor networks, digital twins and digital calibration certificates, blockchain, software in the wider sense, including databases, and automation. (Section editors: J. Bartholomew, D. Hutzschenreuter, S. Prugovečki, C. Zet).
The general track contains 6 papers covering fields like power quality measurement, battery lifetime, diagnosis of defects, oil level sensor for aeronautical applications, data acquisition and Terahertz techniques for better hazelnut quality! (Section editor: Francesco Lamonaca)

All articles are open access, feel free to read at Acta IMEKO on the journal's website.
The table of contents is also available from the Acta IMEKO page on this site.
31 March 2023, Dirk Röske, IMEKO Information Officer




 Newsletter February 2023

The February newsletter issue contains the following articles: The TC events planned so far are introduced.
The World Congress Hamburg 2024 is the upcoming XXIV IMEKO World Congress.
The preparations are in progress; here is a little introduction to 2024 Hamburg. 
Meet "inotech Meter Calibration Systems GmbH" from the industrial contacts.
"Academy Meets Industry" is the story's title on how the TC4 conference 2023 happened to take place with the largest fair of coil winding - COILTECH.
Besides these, the story of the TC4 history continues.




Update on Proceedings in our repository

For many years, IMEKO has been offering conference and other event proceedings from its Proceedings repository.
Beginning with the last year, we started to assign Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to papers that are in our database.
Papers can be found using the Proceedings Search on this page. For each paper - when the title is clicked - a new page shows up with the details, including the DOI (if already assigned).
In the case of inconsistencies, please contact us.
21 February 2023, Dirk Röske, IMEKO Information Officer


The fourth 2022 issue of Acta IMEKO is complete

This issue has three tracks,
- the first one is dedicated to selected papers from the IMEKO TC1-TC7-TC13-TC18 joint symposium and MATHMET (European Metrology Network for Mathematics and Statistics) workshop 2022 (Section editor: Eric Benoit),
- the second one contains selected papers from the IMEKO TC24 conference "Measurements in Cultural Heritage" (Section editors: Tatjana Tomić, Leonardo Iannucci and Leila Es Sebar), and
- the third one as general track offers freely submitted papers (Section editor: Francesco Lamonaca).

All articles are open access, feel free to read at Acta IMEKO on the journal's website.
The table of contents is also available from the Acta IMEKO page on this site.
30 December 2022, Dirk Röske, IMEKO Information Officer





Newsletter December 2022

The December issue of the newsletter is out now.
In it, Professor Frank Härtig, the IMEKO President, reflects on a very successful year.
Leonardo Iannucci shares Acta IMEKO, our online Journal’s, progress in 2022.
From the industrial contacts, meet Radwag. APMP, the Asian Pacific Metrology Programm, is IMEKO’s new external partner.
TC8 had a very successful online workshop. Finally, the Secretariat reports some interesting figures for this year's activities.
IMEKO wishes you a wonderful 2023!




Newsletter November 2022

The November issue of the newsletter is out now.
This issue starts with IMEKO's TC7 Chair, Professor Eric Benoit, who received the Finkelstein Award 2022. As part of this ceremony, IMEKO President Professor Frank Härtig was given his 2021 award in person. (See more about it in the December Newsletter 2021.)
The company Modal Shop, which delivers innovative structural vibration and acoustic sensing systems and services, introduces itself from the industrial contacts.
Meet  Karl H. Ruhm, a long-time member of the IMEKO community and the delegate of the confederation's Swiss member organisation.
Finally, after so much advertising, there is news about the success of the Technical Committee events.



The third 2022 issue of Acta IMEKO is complete.

According to our new publication policy, the third Acta IMEKO issue went online at the end of July with a small number of papers. In the meanwhile, more and more papers have been added, and today the issue was completed with the two editorials of the issue, written by our Editor-in-Chief Francesco Lanomaca and by Zafar Taqvi, introducing selected papers from the TC17 Events "International Symposium on Measurements and Control in Robotics" (ISMCR2021) and VRISE2021 - Topical Event on Robotics for Risky Interventions and Environmental Surveillance.

We have 17 research papers and one technical note in the issue. Here are some of the buzzwords (in alphabetical order):

  • 21st-century digital learning
  • 3D-printed soft orthotic hand
  • adaptive manipulation and welding of objects
  • assessment of human exposure to electromagnetic fields generated by 5G
  • augmented reality–based enriched learning experience
  • characterization of two 17th century brass instruments from Nuremberg
  • data collection robot in sensing field with obstacles
  • drug delivery in medical management
  • engagement in extended reality
  • frequency response function identification
  • fused filament fabrication-3D-printed embedded ArUco markers
  • impact of dynamic spectrum sharing on maximum-power extrapolation techniques
  • instruments for body impedance analysis
  • jellyfish robot for environmental monitoring
  • kyathos (6th-4th centuries BCE) from the necropolis Volna 1 on the Taman Peninsula
  • local augmented body
  • low-voltage microgrid
  • mechanical deformation of a Fabry-Perot cavity due to pressure
  • neutron resonance capture and X-ray fluorescence analysis
  • real-time motion capturing system using inertial measurement units
  • robotic platform for humanitarian demining
  • structural behaviour of a 3D airless wheel prototype
  • twisted and coiled polymer muscles
  • X-rays investigation

We hope some of them find your interest.
All articles are open access, feel free to read at Acta IMEKO.
The table of contents is also available from the Acta IMEKO page.
30 September 2022, Dirk Röske, IMEKO Information Officer


Newsletter September 2022

The September issue of the newsletter is out now.
The first part is dedicated to the GC. Two more articles are related to this event; Professor Tilo Pfeifer celebrated 50 years with IMEKO at the GC. IMEKO had the honour to have Prof. Dr Cornelia Denz, the President of PTB Germany, welcome the GC participants. Her greeting words are available in this issue. As a continuation of introductions, we have the organisation SIM, Inter-American Metrology System, which recently became a closer partner to IMEKO. From the industrial relations, meet the German company SPEKTRA, which has decades of experience in the development, manufacturing, and retail of measuring equipment for the calibration and testing of sensors. Besides the latest news on the upcoming TC events, TC11 talks about the success of their „TIC Talks”, and TC8 talks about their workshop in November.


The IMEKO General Council Sessions took place on 27-28 August 2022 in Berlin, Germany.

A warm welcome to our new members:
- Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
- Emirates Metrology Institute, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.


The second 2022 issue of Acta IMEKO is published

Dear Readers,

The second issue 2022 of Acta IMEKO collects contributions that do not relate to a specific event. As editor-in-chief, it is my pleasure to give readers an overview of these papers, with the aim of encouraging potential Authors to consider sharing their research through Acta IMEKO ... 

(From the Editorial by Francesco Lamonaca, Editor in Chief)

Please be aware of the new publication policy. The current issue is available in the first month of the following quarter of the year (for example, this second issue for the second quarter is available as full current issue in July), then it goes to the archive. The third issue (for July - September) is initially published at the end of July - beginning of August with all papers that are available at that time. Further papers will be added as soon as they are ready for publication and the new issue will be finalised at the end of September.

The full papers are available for free from the Acta IMEKO website.
The Table of Content can be found on the Acta IMEKO page.
We hope you will enjoy this new issue.


Newsletter June 2022

The June issue of the newsletter is out now.

 In this issue of June, it is great to be able to announce in-person events again.

IMEKO is in preparation for the much anticipated General Council sessions. There is an overview in this newsletter about this and the events organized by the Technical Committees. From the industrial relations, meet Teledyne Hastings Instruments, USA, providing innovative measurement devices to monitor critical manufacturing processes, improve productivity, facilitate energy exploration, and protect the environment. As a continuation of the IMEKO introductions, meet the Secretary-General of IMEKO, Zoltan Zelenka. The Technical Committee 4, dedicated to the "Measurement of Electrical Quantities", allows a glance at its history of thirty-eight years of existence.


World Metrology Day 2022

IMEKO celebrates World Metrology Day in 2022 with this special newsletter issue.

This year's topic is "Metrology in the Digital Era". Digitalization plays an essential role in many areas of IMEKO.
Our Technical Committees talk about how the "Digital Era" applies to their area of expertise.




Newsletter April 2022

The April issue of the newsletter is out now.

Since February, many things have happened in IMEKO, and there is much to look forward to. The second issue of the Newsletter, April, brings you the latest on all these activities.

Important news: IMEKO signed a Joint Statement of Intent "On the digital transformation in the international scientific and quality infrastructure" with OIML, CIML, BIPM, ISC, CODATA.

We had the long-announced Technical Committees Workshop, and our Presidential Board had many fruitful meetings. IMEKO is preparing several events this year. Among the most important ones, our General Council Sessions will be held in Berlin on the 27th and the 28th of August 2022. Finally, after all this time, in-person conferences are possible again. Several Technical Committees are busy arranging the last bits of their events.

This issue includes details of these IMEKO events and the recent TC workshop. The Technical Committee TC12 is introducing itself and another of our Industrial supporters, Swiss SENIS AG. Professor Ken Grattan, who has been active since 1985, reflects on his years with IMEKO.

The first 2022 issue of Acta IMEKO is published

The first issue of a new year is the time for balances. In the last year Acta IMEKO has moved huge steps towards the reduce the publication time and attracting high-value papers.
These improvements were also confirmed by the fact that Acta IMEKO is now indexed by the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). DOAJ is one of the most important community-driven, open access service in the world and has a reputation for advocating best practices and standards in open access ...

This issue includes a special issue on the ‘IMEKO TC4 International Conference on Metrology for Archaeology and Cultural heritage’, Trento, Italy, 2020 with 17 articles, guest edited by Fabio Santaniello, Michele Fedel, Annaluisa Pedrotti (Italy) and a special issue on ‘Innovative Signal Processing and Communication Techniques for Measurement and Sensing Systems’ with 15 articles, guest edited by Zia Ur Rahman (India) ...

Many novelties are foreseen in this new year, for example the articles of the next issue that are ready for publication will be online by the end of the month (April, May), and the issue will be closed at the end of June as foreseen. This new publication policy will strongly reduce the publication time of the submitted papers, they will be available online and indexed by Scopus as soon as they are ready. In order to keep the articles of different ‘special issues’ close together in the table of contents, we will not use consecutive page numbering throughout the issue beginning with this volume 11. The page numbers of every single article start with one and end with the number of the article’s pages.
(Adopted from the Editorial by Francesco Lamonaca, Editor in Chief)

The full papers are available for free from the Acta IMEKO website.
The Table of Content can be found on the Acta IMEKO page.
We hope you will enjoy this new issue.

UN General Assembly's Resolution "Territorial integrity of Ukraine"

With its Resolution 68/262, "Territorial integrity of Ukraine", the UN General Assembly has sharply condemned the recent military actions in Ukraine. Against this background, the Presidential Board of IMEKO discussed what impact this will have on IMEKO's activities.

 The Presidential Board, therefore, issues the following statement:

 Since its founding in 1958, IMEKO has been characterized as an institution for worldwide collaboration based on mutual trust without regard to political systems or political tensions. This stance has allowed IMEKO to foster scientific contacts in an atmosphere of friendship and understanding. As such, we view our neutrality as a treasured asset that enables peaceful and sustained dialogue amongst collaborating metrologists and scientists around the globe. We believe that this represents a significant contribution to mutual accommodation and peaceful co-existence.

For this reason, we are not taking a position with regard to the situation in Ukraine. As a matter of principle, however, we condemn all forms of violence that inflict suffering and ruin upon humanity.


 Newsletter February 2022

The February issue of the newsletter is out now, in it Professor Tilo Pfeifer talks about his 50 years with IMEKO.
What an anniversary to celebrate! The Technical Committee 7 dedicated to "Measurement Science" is introducing itself.
Dr Dirk Röske gives details about the IMEKO new event portal. This newsletter also brings the latest from the Presidential Board and the Secretariat.





Acta IMEKO in the Directory of Open Access Journals

Acta IMEKO is now recognised by the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), an independent, non-profit organisation aimed at increasing "... the visibility, accessibility, reputation, usage and impact of quality, peer-reviewed, open access scholarly research journals globally, regardless of discipline, geography or language." (see 'Our mission' at
20220202, Dirk Röske, IMEKO Information Officer

The fourth 2021 issue of Acta IMEKO is published

The fourth issue 2021 of Acta IMEKO includes a General Track with five articles. Moreover, this issue contains extended versions of another five selected papers presented at one of the most important International and Italian metrology events organized in Italy: the 2020 IMEKO TC19 International Workshop on Metrology for the Sea - “Learning to measure sea health parameters”, guest edited by Prof. Silvio del Pizzo. There are four papers from the International Excellence Italo Gorini Ph.D School, guest edited by Prof. Pasquale Arpaia and Dr. Umberto Cesaro. Another five papers come from the 40th Measurement Day jointly organised by the Italian associations Italian group of electric and electronic measurements (GMEE) and Italian group of Mechanical and Thermal Measurements (GMTT), guest edited by Prof. Carlo Carobbi, Prof. Nicola Giaquinto, Prof. Gian Marco Revel. Finally, twelve articles originate from the XXIX Italian National Congress on Mechanical and Thermal Measurements, guest edited by Prof. Alfredo Cigada and Prof. Roberto Montanini.
(Adopted from the Editorial by Francesco Lamonaca, Editor in Chief)

The full papers are available for free from the Acta IMEKO website.
The Table of Content can be found on the Acta IMEKO page.
We hope you will enjoy this new issue.


Newsletter December 2021

The December issue of the newsletter is out now, in it the IMEKO President, Professor Frank Härtig, is looking back on 2021. There is a piece about Ludwik Finkelstein and the Finkelstein Medal. The newsletter features an interview with the IMEKO President, and besides the latest short news, the Secretariat gives a glimpse of the year 2021. 


Short IMEKO News December 2021

  • IMBiH, the Metrology Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a new member organisation, join IMEKO. The Presidential Board warmly welcomed them and approved their Observer status until the next GC session.
  • The new, faster way of approving Technical Committee members, scheduled quarterly and events (immediately when initiated) had its trial and works well.
    Event organisers are advised to check the „How to Organise Document” to ensure all the requirements are fulfilled. This document can be found in the download section of the IMEKO Webpage.
  • The cooperation between IMEKO and EUROLAB has been renewed and extended. Both presidents signed a new Memorandum of Understanding; of IMEKO, Professor Frank Härtig, and EUROLAB Dr Paolo Moscatti.
    EUROLAB will join and support several IMEKO events in 2022.
    A series of “45 Minutes Seminars” are planned by the Technical Committees TC11 Measurement in Testing, Inspection and Certification, and TC24 Chemical Measurements. EUROLAB also support the conferences of TC23 Metrology in Foods and Nutrition and the TC6 Digitalisation in September 2022.
    The two organisations will explore further opportunities.
  • The Ludwig Finkelstein Medal: The IMEKO President, Prof Frank Härtig, received the Finkelstein Medal from the UK member organisation for his notable contribution to measurement internationally.

There will be more to read on these topics in the upcoming newsletter.

In memory of Aimo Pusa

We received the sad news that our colleague and friend Aimo Pusa, born in 1944, passed away on 28th October 2021. 
Aimo Pusa was a Finnish expert in mass metrology, weighing technology and in particular in force and torque metrology and since 1982, an active member of IMEKO TC3 "Measurement of Force, Mass and Torque" and from 1993 until 2008, the scientific secretary of IMEKO TC3. Read more about Mr Pusa in our November newsletter.


Newsletter November 2021

The latest newsletter is out now, featuring interviews with Professor Paolo Carbone, the new President-Elect.
Professor Francesco Lamonaca, IMEKO, Editor-in-Chief of Acta, talked about his plans for the journal.
There is an article by Dr Antje Herbestreit on the new Measurement journal Food.
Find out more about the company Hottinger Brüel & Kjaer, who has been donating IMEKO unconditionally and very generously for over thirty years.
IMEKO Technical Committee TC3 remembers Aimo Pusa.
The new members are listed and some events and news.


Short IMEKO News October 2021 

Presidential Board meeting
The Presidential Board met on the 6th of October and agreed on the following:

  • New TC Events and new TC Members shall be approved quickly in between TB and GC Sessions.
  • If there are no GC and TB Sessions, the TB will evaluate and agree on the TC Events per correspondence, and the Presidential Board will approve them.
  • The TB approves the new TC Members per correspondence from time to time.
  • The PB evaluates new Member Organisations' applications and may grant observer status until the next GC Session.
  • The Board agreed that two Technical Board Sessions would be required a year instead of one.
  • These much-needed solutions have been sought because IMEKO is growing, and the procedures must be adapted.
  • The Board approved the updated guide "How to organise IMEKO TC Conferences, Symposia and Workshops", which will replace the old one in the coming days. This update made the guide compatible with the IMEKO new Constitution.
  • The Board granted observer status to the United Arab Emirates.

The IMEKO World Congress 2021
It was a very successful event for the local organisers as well as for IMEKO. The challenges presented by the online event instead of in-person have been very well overcome.

News on the Working Groups
A lot has been achieved, especially on "TC functioning" and "IMEKO Publishing activities". The Technical Board plans a workshop in March for our working groups for presentations and a follow-up discussion on their work and achievements.

TC24 Chemical Measures
Technical Committee 24 welcomes now quite a few new members and has a meeting on the 14th of October. Professor Frank Härtig, our President; MSc Mladen Jakovcic, member organisation delegate of Croatia and vice-chair to TC11 support the new activities such as the plans for a conference in 2022.

News on the Secretariat
The IMEKO headquarters are moving to a new location with the 1st of November. The Secretariat kindly ask everybody to use the known electronic channels for communication.

The third 2021 issue of Acta IMEKO is published

Measurement and control techniques are crucial for achieving reliable and safe autonomous features in robotics. Recent developments in both fields are key enablers for the constantly widening use of robots in industrial, medical, military and service-oriented applications. Faithful to its traditions, the 23rd edition of the International Symposium on Measurement and Control in Robotics (ISMCR), organised by IMEKO Technical Committee 17, has provided a forum for the exchange of the latest research results and novel ideas in robotic technologies and applications, this time with a special emphasis on smart mobility. The symposium focused on various aspects of research, applications and trends in relation to robotics, advanced human-robot systems and applied technologies in the fields of robotics, telerobotics, autonomous vehicles and simulator platforms, as well as VR/AR and 3D modelling and simulation ... Based on their technical and scientific value and the evaluation of the reviewers, the authors of ten contributions were invited to submit extended versions of their papers for this special issue ...
(From the editorial by Bálint Kiss and István Harmati, Guest editors)

The area of technical diagnostics is one of the most significant research fields, one that involves a broad range of measurements, with various sensors, actuators and advanced computing techniques exploited. As we are becoming increasingly surrounded by the growing amount of autonomous machinery, it is crucial to ensure regular and accurate monitoring is carried out. The Technical Committee 10 (Measurement for Diagnostics, Optimization & Control) is responsible for fostering the research on such topics, which is expressed in terms of a wide range of activities, including the organisation of annual conferences and workshops aimed solely at the problems pertaining to fault detection, identification and location. The solutions for these problems include the array of algorithms, measurement tools and procedures applicable for individual devices and industrial processes. The 17th IMEKO TC10 conference held in 2020 is a perfect example of this approach ... The corresponding special issue covers ten papers, which can be divided into three sections, each devoted to a different topic. The selection allows for assessing the advancements in these research and engineering fields ...
(From the editorial by Piotr Bilski and Lorenzo Ciani, Guest Editors)

The third issue 2021 of Acta IMEKO includes a General Track aimed at collecting contributions that do not relate to a specific event. As editor in chief, it is my pleasure to give readers an overview of these papers, with the aim of encouraging potential authors to consider sharing their research through Acta IMEKO ...
(From the editorial by Francesco Lamonaca, Editor in Chief)

The full papers are available for free from the Acta IMEKO website.
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We hope you will enjoy this new issue.

The August 2021 General Council Resolutions in short

According to the regulations within IMEKO, the President-Elect Dr. Frank Härtig (PTB, Germany) became the new President of IMEKO. He took over from Prof. Masatoshi Ishikawa (University of Tokyo, Japan) who is now the Advisory President. As new President-Elect Paolo Carbone (University of Perugia, Italy) was elected. Congratulations!
We welcome our new members: INMETRO of Brazil and ETS-UPN (School of Telecommunications and Space Remote Sensing, National Pedagogical University) of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
We also welcome all 44 new Technical Committee members. Details can be found in the September 2021 newsletter.


Newsletter September 2021

The fourth newsletter is out now with facts about the World Congress Yokohama Japan 2021, the General Council Sessions, and the introduction of the Technical Committee 6 dedicated to Digitalisation. There are also two new features: a piece by Prof Ewart Carson, who takes us back in time to the 80s, meeting Professor György Striker, telling about IMEKO and TC13 of back then. Last, something else new, a piece by Kay Tancock, Elsevier's Senior Publisher: "The growing IMEKO journal family at Elsevier."


The second 2021 issue of Acta IMEKO is published

Measurement has always been a tool by which we can observe the world around us. This concept was once again confirmed during the 24th IMEKO Technical Committee 4 (TC4) International Symposium, which showed how topics related to the world of measurement range across many fields of knowledge ... The 24th edition of the Symposium was originally planned to be held in Palermo, Italy; however, due to the COVID-19 emergency, the committee was forced to organise the event as a virtual conference ... As in the last editions, the 2020 Symposium covered a large number of engineering fields, from digitalisation to renewable energy and from acoustic and mechanical measurements to biomedical and chemical fields ... we hope that the readers will find this issue of Acta IMEKO useful and inspiring.
(From the editorial by Giuseppe Caravello and Ciro Spataro, Guest Editors)

This issue includes a General Track aimed to collect contributions that do not relate to a specific event. As Editor in Chief, it is my pleasure to give readers an overview of these papers, with the aim of encouraging potential authors to consider sharing their research through Acta IMEKO ... The heterogeneous topics of the papers submitted to the General Track confirm Acta IMEKO is the natural platform for disseminating measurement information and stimulating collaboration among researchers of many different fields but united by their common interest in measurement science and technologies.
(From the editorial by Prof. Francesco Lamonaca, PhD, Editor-in-Chief of Acta IMEKO)

In memory of Tamás Kemény

It is with great sadness that we inform of the passing of Dr Tamás Kemény. He was a long-time Colleague and Friend in IMEKO, serving the organisation almost right from the start. Over a couple of decades, he was our Secretary-General and an active member of the Technical Committee 3 (TC3), dedicated to the Measurement of Force, Mass, and Torque. In addition, he was known for promoting IMEKO and science with his editorial and publication work and presentations. Read some of Tamás's words when he retired.


Newsletter June 2021

This third newsletter is about recent events, our Chinese Member Organisation's (CSM) special Metrology Day celebration, and IMEKO's first TC Workshop. There is the latest news on the World Congress Yokohama and TC news. Something new: part of this issue is dedicated to our TC8. We would like to continue in the upcoming newsletters by introducing a TC in each.


Newsletter April 2021

This year's second newsletter is out now! It is dedicated to the 64th GC we had recently. There is information about the new TCs; TC 6 Digitalisation and TC25 Quantum Measurement Quantum Information.  ACTA IMEKO has a new Editor in Chief his first Acta issue is out. there is information about the TC workshop coming up and more. 


The first 2021 issue of Acta IMEKO is published

This Issue of Acta IMEKO is dedicated to papers that have been selected from those presented at the 2019 IMEKO TC4 International Conference on Metrology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, 'MetroArchaeo 2019', held in Florence in December 2019 and those presented at the 2019 Asia Pacific Measurement Forum on Mechanical Quantities, 'APMF 2019', held in Niigata, Japan, in November 2019. The extended papers of MetroArchaeo give an interesting overview of the latest findings in measurement methods and techniques applied for the enhancement, characterization and preservation of archaeological and cultural heritage. The extended papers of APMF show recent progress of the research on the measurements in the fields of mass, pressure, and flow in the Asia-Pacific region.

Prof. Francesco Lamonaca, Ph.D.

Editor-in-Chief of Acta IMEKO


Newsletter February 2021

This year's first newsletter is out now! You can read about the latest developments in IMEKO, such as a new TC, and there is news on coming workshops and more.


News from the Presidential Board December 

The Presidential Board has given out a special newsletter with important information about upcoming events and changes besides their seasonal greetings to you. Please save the dates for these events, IMEKO is looking forward to “seeing you there”!

Special edition Newsletter on the 63rd of General Council is out now!

Please read the detailed information in our newsletter.

IMEKO events and the coronavirus

Dear friends of IMEKO, dear colleagues,
The spread of the coronavirus and the measures taken in different countries forced the organizers of some of the events either to cancel the event or to postpone it. Please check the latest information on our Coming Events page.

World Metrology Day (WMD) 2021

The theme for the World Metrology Day (WMD) 2021 - as always on 20 May - is in this year: Measurement for Health. From the website of the WMD: "This theme was chosen to create awareness of the important role measurement plays in health, and thus in the wellbeing of every one of us. Indeed more widely metrology, the science of measurement, plays a central role in scientific discovery and innovation, industrial manufacturing and international trade, in improving the quality of life and in protecting the global environment." Read more on