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The XXIInd IMEKO World Congress, the major IMEKO event in 2018

The website for the IMEKO XXII World Congress 2018 in Belfast from September 3rd to 6th is now fully live and accessible. You are invited to attend this great event and to submit papers in due time.
Key Dates:

  • Submission of 4-Page Short Paper - 31 January 2018
  • Notification of Acceptance - 30 April 2018
  • Final 4-Page Short Paper Ready - 31 May 2018
  • Early Bird Registration Closes - 26 June 2018


Our Winter 2017 newsletter is available

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ECTP Lifetime Award of the European Conferences on Thermophysical Properties 2017 to Francesco Righini

Prof Francesco Righini, Honorary Member of IMEKO Advisory Board, former Chairperson of the IMEKO Technical Committee 12 (Thermal and Temperature Measurement) and our excellent colleague received the European Conferences on Thermophysical Properties (ECTP) prestigious Lifetime Award in their event held in Graz, Austria in the week September 2nd – 8th 2017.
Our Community warmly congratulate him on this great recognition for his long-term research activities in thermal measurements.


to our new German member organization: Physikalisch-Technische Bundesansalt, Braunschweig.


Our South African member organization NMISA celebrates 70 years of accurate scientific measurement (metrology) and 10 years of Institution existence with commemoration events and a scientific conference from
31 July to 4 August 2017 near the NMISA premises, in Pretoria. More information on the website of NMISA.


The third 2017 issue of Acta IMEKO is published

Acta IMEKO Vol6 No1 coverFrom the Editorials to the issue:

Dear Readers,  
this  special  issue  of  Acta  IMEKO  contains  14  papers presented  at  the  IMEKO  TC4  International  Conference  on Metrology  for  Archaeology  and  Cultural  Heritage  – MetroArchaeo2016, which took place on October, 19-21 2016 in  Torino  (Italy).  The  conference  was  held  at  the  Valentino Castle, an historical building inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage  List  in  1997,  which  actually  hosts  the  Faculty  of Architecture of Politecnico di Torino University. 

Started  in  2015  in  Benevento  (Italy),  MetroArchaeo  is becoming a successful international annual meeting, which puts together  Heritage  scientists,  engineers,  conservators  and archaeologists to foster exchanges of ideas and information on metrology  and  measurements  for  Archaeology  and  Cultural Heritage.
(By Sabrina Grassini and Alfonso Santoriello, shortened version)

The full papers are available for free from the website of Acta IMEKO.
Enjoy reading.