Dr. Tamás Kemény (in memory)


Recently arrived us the sad news about Dr Tamás Kemény's passing. Most of us remember him, knew him well.

He has been with IMEKO for over fifty years, starting in 1958 actively participating until 2009.

He still maintained his interest in his later years and kept in contact with our organisation, following IMEKO's progress through the years.
Let us share his own words with you when he retired and wrote us, speaking volumes about what he thought about his work, his life.

"I am sad to announce that after 58 active years, I have to retire and let this chapter go. Between my 22nd and 80th years of age, I have loved working passionately, dedicated my time only to projects that had been beneficial to society and my country and brought joy and contentment to me. I shall become now like a child again, playing mainly for as long as I can. I shall enjoy playing with my grandchildren, with my garden, with the technical novelties of our time (internet, iPad, and all that is to come), music, and my friends, regardless of distance and time. So let's continue together, playing.

Yours with love, Tamás Kemény"