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Traceability, is the backbone of metrology:

Being a property of a measurement result that links it to a reference. It guarantees that measurements carried out in different places and different times are comparable and needs to be fully established and implemented in all measurement fields, including emerging sectors like diagnostics, genomics, digitalization, or quantum technologies. There are many cases where traceability is not straight forward and specific paths must be conceived and put in place.

The SI revolution of 2019, linking each definition to a fundamental constant, represents a revolutionary paradigm shift also in terms of promoting and assuring metrological traceability. The redefinition of SI has been a starting point towards new challenges and new goals to be faced. It is necessary to disseminate the new concepts and reassure that such a revolutionary change must nevertheless guarantee the continuity in the everyday life and in the metrological traceability approach.

The current officers, Michela Sega (chair) and Thomas Wiedenhoefer (Scientific Secretary), are working in close cooperation with the TC members to renew its tasks to take into account the new challenges of metrological traceability.

 In order to give new life to the TC, to face the new challenges without leaving apart the consolidated fields, it was decided to create four subcommittees to deal with specific topics: 

1) classic traceability and its application today

2)  traceability in digitalization (digital calibration certificates, virtual worlds/digital twins)

3)  special issues – e. g. vanishing standards during calibration/testing in chemistry

4)   interdisciplinary Traceability – what do we have in common, what can we learn from oneanother; redefinition of the system of unites (SI) and effects on traceability.

Each subcommittee aims at identifying specific issues to be addressed and acting as  discussion forum and interface with external stakeholders. For more information or if you want to support our work as a member of TC8, please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


 IMEKO TC8 currently has 18 active Members from the following 13 countries:

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