TC7 - Measurement Science - Aims

The general aim of TC7 is to proactively develop, disseminate and implement Measurement Science both nationally and internationally. This is achieved by organizing meetings, workshops, scientific symposia and other events to create opportunities for sharing of research work, ideas, new developments and collaboration among researchers active in the field.

TC7 promotes the building of a body of knowledge of concepts, axioms, rules, principles, methods, and procedures for obtaining, processing, expressing and communicating correct and reliable measurement results of both physical and non-physical quantities.

In the IMEKO community, TC7 is characterized by its emphasis on the methodological issues of measurement and the exploration of its pervasive and interdisciplinary role by including, for example the study of such topics as historical, social, and ethical aspects of Measurement Science.

The subject areas being studied at present within TC7 are, among others: measurement uncertainty; measurement in soft systems; epistemology of measurement; generic techniques for design of measurement systems; models in measurement; formal theories of measurement; semiotics of measurement; measurement of non-physical quantities; intelligent measurement; emerging challenges and novel concepts of Measurement Science.