Dr. Jakub Svatos
TC4 Scientific Secretary
Czech Technical University (CTU) Prague
Technick√° 2
Praha 6 16627 CZECH REPUBLIC
+420 224352201

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Short biography

Jakub SvatoŇ° received Ing. degree (MSc equivalent) in 2008 in the specialization of Measurement and Distributed Systems and a PhD in 2015 in specialization Measurement and Instrumentation, both at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE) Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU), Czech Republic. His research interests include Acoustic Signal Detection, Processing and Classifying; Advanced Signal Processing; Metal Detection Using Non-traditional Excitation Signals and its Classification; ADC Testing. Currently, he works as an assistant professor at the Department of Measurement, CTU FEE.