TC4 - Measurement of Electrical Quantities - About

Technical committee TC4 deals besides classical issues related with the measurement of electrical and magnetic quantities with the processing of measurement data both by hardware and software tools. Electronics and informatics offer a flexible tool for instrumentation. It enables to process measured data, and recover additional information about the process to be observed from them. Moreover, digital post-processing provides a large variety of error reduction methods including autocalibaration and selftests. Accuracy of electronic instruments is determined by the conversion between analog and digital domain and possible interferences from the various error sources. Recommendation based on the Another objective of TC4 activities is aimed on the continuous updating of standards according to progress in the electronic instrumentation.


  • electronic instruments for measurement of electrical and magnetic quantities in wide frequency range
  • monitoring of electrical signals by the information and communication networks
  • recording and processing of measured electrical signals by computers
  • AD and DA interfacing
  • measurement of electrical electronic and magnetic components in production
  • accuracy enhancement by post processing
  • testability of electronic instruments
  • transformation signals from sensors

Two Working Groups are organized in the framework of TC4

IMEKO TC4 Working Group
“Analogue-to-Digital & Digital-to-Analogue Converter Metrology”

This working group serves as a forum for users, developers and researchers involved in researches on ADCs and DACs. This forum allows to come together partners dealing with all problems concerning:

  • ADC and DAC modelling
  • ADC and DAC testing
  • ADC and DAC specifications
  • Digital and analogue methods of systematic data correction
  • ADC and DAC interfaces in virtual instruments.

In order to reach this aim the Working group supports:

  • dissemination of the information about ADCs and DACs, by means of appropriate networks
  • organization of the periodical meetings on the above mentioned topics
  • creation of a WWW for a real time exchange of ideas and information
  • creation of the research teams providing high quality joint research projects
  • promotion of the training and mobility of researchers, particularly young post-doctoral researchers
  • participation in international activities dealing with, ADCs and DACs testing methodologies and standardization
  • creation links with partners from industry
  • prepare simple rules for end users to assess A/D and D/A converters
  • organization of the regular intensive courses for students on the virtual instrumentation.

IMEKO TC4 Working Group
"Electrical Metrology in Nano and Microelectronics"

The working group serves as a forum for presenting latest achievements in the international metrology implemented in the nanotechnology and microelectronics.
The Working Group encourages researchers and engineers coming together dealing with the following areas of interest.

  • Advanced Metrology Technology
  • Architecture of Dissemination and Traceability of the Value of a Quantity
  • Evaluation of Uncertainty of Measurement
  • Calibration of Test Equipments
  • Design and Calibration of High-speed Interface
  • Development of Calibration Software
  • Test of Nanocircuit, Biologic and Photoelectric Chips
  • Fault Diagnostic and Maintenance of Test Equipments
  • Analysis of Test Modules

The main fields of the WG activities:

  • Formulate ATEs calibration standards. Specify calibration methods and requirements
  • for various ATEs parameters
  • Improvement of the calibration methods for high precision ATEs
  • Development of the portable ATEs calibration equipments
  • Performing of the international comparison on ATEs parameters
  • Cooperation on the education programs to provide practice opportunitiesfor students
  • Preparation of the joint education programs for both students and researchers