TC3 - Measurement of Force, Mass, Torque, and Gravity - Aims

The aim of TC3 is to bring to the forefront the latest developments and achievements in the measurement of force, mass, torque, gravity and related quantities. The scope of TC3 covers all areas from industrial applications and new transducers to improvements of the scales for the different quantities, the realization of new standards and fundamental research. The TC3 organizes regularly international scientific events in measurement of force, mass, torque, gravity and related quantities and provides a forum for an international exchange of opinions among experts in the relevant field.

Main fields of interests are:

    Fundamental Aspects

  •     Dynamic Force and Torque Measurements
  •     Multi-component Techniques for Force and Torque Measurements
  •     New Concepts in Mass Metrology and Weighing Technology
  •     Force and Torque Metrology in the Micro and Nano Range
  •     Re-definition of the kilogram
  •     Strain Gauge, Piezo, MEMS and Optical techniques for sensor
  •     Magnetic Susceptibility Test
  •     Adsorption Effects
  •     Air Density
  •     Measurements of Gravity and Free-fall Accelerations

    Traceability and Dissemination

  •     Calibration Procedures and Facilities
  •     Transfer Standards and Uncertainty Evaluations
  •     Inter-laboratory Comparisons
  •     Accreditation of Laboratories
  •     Double Substitution Method
  •     Weighing Design
  •     Hydrostatic Weighing

    Instrumentation and Methods

  •     Force and Torque Standard Machines and Facilities
  •     Force and Torque Calibration Machines
  •     Force and Torque Transducers, Load Cells
  •     Mass Standards and Balances
  •     Density Standards
  •     Weights and Weighing Instruments
  •     Sensor and Actuator Development
  •     Hydrometers
  •     Material Testing Machines
  •     Absolute and Relative Gravimeters


  •     Material Testing Machines
  •     Force and Torque Transducers in Robotics and Automation
  •     Weighing Instruments and Load Cells
  •     Geodesy and Geophysics