TC17 - Measurement in Robotics - Aims

The TC's main objective is to deal with all aspects relevant to robot sensors, both internal and external ones, such as force sensor, tactile sensor, distance sensor, visual sensor and others, employed in robot motion and navigation control-principle, methodology and applications. Communication sensors interfacing between man and robot are also include.

Sensors and Sensing

  • Sensor and Sensing Systems for Vision, Audition and Haptics
  • Sensors and Calibration Facilities; Traceability and QS in Robotics
  • Sensor Systems in Robotics and Mechatronics
  • Signal Processing and Data-Fusion

System Integration

  • Robotics and Automation Techniques: Virtual Tools
  • Telexistence: Virtual Reality in the real world, Advanced Human Interface
  • Mobile Robotics: Locomotion, Actuation, Command and Control
  • Multi-agent Robotic Systems


  • Outdoor Applications (environmental surveillance, risky environments, rescue, agriculture, construction, space)
  • Indoor Applications (education, entertainment, medical assistance, industry)