TC13 - Measurements in Biology and Medicine - Aims

Measurement: Measurement of whole body, organ and cellular function: invasive and non-invasive measurements; sensing and measurement of physical variables; electrical measurement; chemical and nuclear sensing and measurement; measurement at the bedside in the critical care unit; measurement in the clinical laboratory.

Medical Imaging: Measurements and Image Processing and Interpretation. Measurements in diagnostic imaging (including x-ray, radioisotopes, MRI). Measurements on imaging systems. Measurements in x-ray and related therapies.

Medical Information Systems: Information processing (signals and images) within the doctor/patient control loop for diagnostics; decision making and patient management; diagnosis and medical decision making; knowledge-based systems; information handling in the clinical laboratory. Intelligent instrumentation in medicine and healthcare.


  • biomedical measurements and instrumentation
  • bioelectrical signal processing
  • medical imaging
  • biophysical and biomechanical measurements
  • electrical and magnetic simulation
  • medical informatics and telemedicine
  • measurement in clinical medicine
  • health information systems
  • educational aspects