TC10 - Testing, Diagnostics and Inspection - Aims

Aimes and objectives of IMEKO TC10 on Testing, Diagnostics and Inspection are to facilitate the exchange of scientific and technical information on testing, diagnostic & inspection methods, measurement, instrumentation and systems by organizing symposia, discussion meetings and encouraging the publication of scientific papers. Also, the co-operation between scientists and engineers in different subject areas in solving various testing, diagnostic & inspection problems is supported.


  • T1 - Basic principles and development trends in testing, diagnostics and inspection
  • T2 - Condition monitoring and maintenance of industrial processes, plants and complex systems: measurements and methods
  • T3 - Testing, diagnostics, inspection and prognostics for maintainability, safety, risk assessment and management
  • T4 - Regulatory framework (for safety of industrial products, food protection, environmental protection, health protection, customer protection, information security etc.)
  • T5 - Artificial intelligence techniques and machine learning for testing, diagnostics and inspection
  • T6 - Testing, diagnostics and inspection applications in industry, transportation, mechatronics, avionics, automotive, food and biomedical fields
  • T7 - Decision support and IT solutions for testing, diagnostics and inspection
  • T8 - Testing, diagnostics and inspection for the improvement of quality of life and environment
  • T9 - Product conformity assessment and process analysis
  • T10 - Certification (products, management systems, persons) and accreditation
  • T11 - Traceability in testing, diagnostics and inspection
  • T12 - Measurements and methods for TQM (Total Quality Management);
  • T13 - Technical testing, diagnostics and inspection for Cyber security
  • T14 - Non destructive testing, diagnostics and inspection
  • T15 - Industry 4.0 foundations, applications, trends and novelties