F. Pavese, M. Bär, J.-R. Filtz, A. B. Forbes, L. Pendrill and K. Shirono (Eds.): "Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology and Testing IX”, vol. 9, Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences, vol. 84, World Scientific, Singapore, 2012.

Table of Contents

Recommended tools for sensitivity analysis associated to the evaluation of measurement uncertainty, A Allard, N Fischer
A simple confidence interval for the common mean, B Arendacka
Estimation of detailed deviation zone of inspected surfaces, A Barari
Case study of likelihood and bayes approaches for measurement based on nonlinear regression, A Bariska, R Bürgin
Mathematical and computational aspects of treatment ordinal measurement results, E Bashkansky, T Gadrich
Calibration of ordinal metrical scale, E Benoit
Comparison of different choices for a prior under partial information in a bayesian analysis, O Bodnar, G Wübbeler, C Elster
Self-consistent reference value estimation, W Bremser
Uncertainty modeling in 3d sem stereophotogrammetry, L Carli, M Galetto, G Genta
Using statistical confidence boundary of a doe response surface to estimate optimal factors, J Chaves-Jacob, J M Linares, J M Sprauel
Software to support the use of gum supplement 2 – extension to any number of output quantities, M G Cox, P M Harris, I M Smith
Probabilistic characterization of face measurement, F Crenna, G B Rossi, L Bovio
Prediction of resistance standards time behavior by stochastic determination of lagrange polynomial, M Cundeva-Blajer, L Arsov, R Malaric
Modelling expert knowledge to assign consensus values in proficiency tests, S Demeyer, N Fischer
Some mitigations for unequal data variance in linear regression, P Dupuis, N Van Overstraeten-Schlögel, J-P Raskin, L A Francis, D Flandre
Uncertainty evaluation for continuous-time, S Eichstädt, C Elster
Measurement of accessibility to rail transport systems, R Emardson, P Jarlemark, L Pendrill, C Sundling, M E Nillson, B Berglund
Uncertainty evaluation for traceable dynamic measurement of mechanical quantities: a case study in dynamic pressure calibration, T Esward, C Matthews, S Downes, A Knott, S Eichstädt, C Elster
Uncertainty calculation of a multicamera tracking system in a cave, F Ezedine, W M Wan Muhamad, J M Linares
A two-stage mcm/mcmc algorithm for uncertainty evaluation, A B Forbes
Mathematical models for error correction in
MSCMS-II (mobile spatial coordinate measurement system), M Galetto, L Mastrogiacomo
Data fusion techniques for cylindrical surface measurements, M Galovska, R Tutsch, O Jusko
Nodal load observer with imperfect measurement infrastructure for (smart) electrical grids, G Gewiss, H-P Beck, J zum Hingst
Metrological traceability and quality of industrial tests measurements, V A Granovsky, T N Siraya
Stochastic modeling aspects for an improved solution of the inverse problem in scatterometry, H Gross, M-A Henn, A Rathsfeld, M Bär
Influence of the look-up window size when applying a statistical feed-forward controller, C Hernandez, R Tutsch
Only non-informative Bayesian prior distributions agree with the gum type a evaluations of input quantities, R Kacker, R Kessel, K-D Sommer
Bayesian variance separation under heteroscedasticity application to an unstable measurand, K Klauenberg, K Jousten, C Elster
Bayesian inference in waveform metrology, G A Kyriazis
Coordinate generator for TKA navigator testing after reference frame displacement, J Mailhé, J M Linares, J M Sprauel
Multi soft-sensors data fusion in spatial forecasting of environmental parameters, U Maniscalco, G Pilato
Metrology and design with continuous models: tools for optimisation, sensitivity, and uncertainty evaluation, C E Matthews, L Wright, X-S Yang
Numerical simulations and turbulent modelling for application in flow metrology, R Model, S Schmelter, G Lindner, M Bär
A method of weighing matrix for spectrophotometric analysis of oil mixtures, R Z Morawski, A Miekina
Differences in recordings of collocated identical sensors, F Moschas, S Stiros
The use of cryptographic principles within metrology software, S Parkinson, A Longstaff, A, Crampton, G Allen, S Fletcher, A Myers
On the difference of meanings of 'zero correction': zero value vs no correction, and of the associated uncertainties, F Pavese
Need for consistency of terminology in international standards and guidelines a case study: trueness, F Pavese
Uncertainty & risks in decision-making in qualitative measurement: an information-theoretical approach, L R Pendrill
Rate-of-change analysis applied to machine tool monitoring and maintenance schedules, Ch Perkins, A Longstaff, S Fletcher, P Willoughby
Application of spline surface profile filters to subpixel contour decomposition problems, E Reetz, A Schlegel, M Schumann, J Bargenda, A Göpfert, M Rückwardt, G Linss
Resolving power and superresolution for spectrometers used in radiation detection, M Reginatto
Measurement and evaluation of asynchronous radial error of a high speed spindle, G L Samuel, S D Ashok
Measuring edges on pivot-mounted objects during rotation, M Schumann, J Bargenda, A Schlegel, P Werner, E Reetz, M Rosenberger, G Linss
Theory of and computation program for determination of the reference value in key comparisons based on bayesian statistics, K Shirono, H Tanaka, K Ehara
Modelling and uncertainty evaluation for the radiation quality parameters used in metrological management of diagnostic radiology dosimeters, A Silva Ribeiro, C Oliveira, MG Cox, J Alvese Sousa, L Lages Martins, J Cardoso, P Limede
Vibration damping using laser vibrometry investigated with the anova method, D Sporea, F-D Frumosu
Testing AUTOSAR basic software modules with quickcheck, R Svenningsson, R Johansson, T Arts, U Norell
Mathematical method for the definition of a non linear multi input-one output calibration diagram for a laser position sensor, D Vetturi, A Delli Carri, M Lancini, I Bodini
Form tolerance verification: a sequential approach of the inspected design, G Vicario, G Barbato, S Ruffa, GD Panciani, F Ricci
Application of the uncertainty theory in the leak testing of the spacecraft, Wang Yong, Yan Rong Xin, Sun Li Chen
Evaluation and numerical presentation of the results of indirect multivariate measurements, Z L Warsza
Measurement uncertainty and procedures of conformity assessment, R Willink
Assessment of the GUM S1 adaptive Monte Carlo scheme, G Wübbeler, P M Harris, M G Cox, C Elster
Visualization-assisted analytical method for evaluating propagation of uncertainty, Bian Xin, Zhou Xin, Fan Hong, Liu Ke