F. Pavese, M. Bär, A. B. Forbes, J.-M.Linares, C. Perruchet, N. F. Zhang (Eds.): "Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology and Testing VIII”, vol. 8, Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences, vol 78, World Scientific, Singapore, 2009.

Table of Contents

Sensitivity analysis in metrology: study and comparison on different indices for measurement uncertainty, A Allard, N Fischer
Likelihood maximization against the probability density function shape, S Aranda, J-M Linares, J-M Sprauel
Methods for estimation of the effect of correlation at the measurement of alternating voltage, T Barashkova
Multi-determination of aerodynamic loads using calibration curve with a polynomial and MLP neural network combination, I M Barbosa, O A De Faria Mello, M L Collucci da Costa Reis, E del Moral Hernandez
Uncertainty analysis in calibration of standard volume measures, E Batista, N Almeida, E Filipe
Virtual atomic force microscope as a tool for nanometrology, V S Bormashov, A S Baturin, A V Zablotskiy, R V Goldshtein, K B Ustinov
Development of a mathematical procedure for modelling and inspecting complex surfaces for measurement process, S Boukebbab, H Bouchenitfa, J-M Linares
A software simulation tool to evaluate the uncertainty for a lock-in amplifier, P Clarkson, T J Esward, P M Harris, K J Lines, F O Onakunle, I M Smith
Measurement uncertainty in a non-classical context, G E D’Errico
Comparison of methods to measure uncertainty based on the ISO standards, L Del Dossi, D Zappa
Methods for aggregating key comparisons, R J Douglas, A G Steele
Uncertainty evaluation for pose estimation by multiple camera measurement system, M Douilly, N Anwer, P Bourdet, N Chevassus, P Le Vacon
Analysis of dynamic measurements: compensation of dynamic error and evaluation of uncertainty, C Elster, A Link
An approach to uncertainty using nested analysis, M Do Céu Ferreira, A Furtado, E Filipe
Proficiency testing for cvalibration laboratories, E Filipe
Nonlinear least squares and Bayesian inference, A B Forbes
Measurement strategy analysis for out-of-roundness measurement with CMM, B Gapinski, M Rucki, M Pawlowski
Dedicated software package for pressure regulation at 1 ppm level using a gas controlled heat pipe, S Giunta, A Merlone, P Marcarino, S Botta, V Giovanetti
Model adequacy measurements estimation and improvement, V A Granovsky, T N Siraya
A New Guide for the development and assessment of measurement software, N Greif, G Parkin
Current issues in the evaluation of ionising radiation measurements, D Grientschnig
Modelling and uncertainty estimates for numerically reconstructed profiles in scatterometry, H Gross, A Rathsfeld, M Bär
Kalman filter type sequential method with stopping rule for calibration of measurement instruments, C Hajiyev
Determination of optimum input signals via D-optimality criterion for calibration of measurement instruments, C Hajiyev
An extension of the GUM tree method for complex numbers, B D Hall
Digital filtering for dynamic uncertainty, J P Hessling
Considerations and developments in uncertainty evaluations in chemical metrology, R Kaarls
Quality by design applications to analytical methods in the pharmaceutical industry, R S Kenett, D A Kenett
Framework for evaluation of uncertainty with test of linearity using covering arrays, R Kessel, R Kacker
Challenges in practical dynamic calibration, M Kobusch, T Bruns, E Franke
Derivation of an output PDF from Baayes’ theorem and the principle of maximum entropy, I Lira, C Elster, W Wöger
Evaluation of uncertainties on datum-system reference, J Mailhe, J-M Linares, J-M Sprauel
Possibility distribution: a useful tool for representing coverage intervals with and without the probability density, G P Mauris
Implementation of some mathematical approximation methods of functions for study of the factors which influence the ferment activity of beer yeast, M R Milici, R Rotar, L D Milici
Measurement uncertainty calculation using MUSE: a software project to support the measurement community with a freely available implementation of GUM Supplement 1, M Müller, M Wolf, M Rösslein
Robust line detection for line scale calibration, J A Muñoz-Gòmez, C Galvan
Analysis of consistency of the basic concepts for the expression of uncertainty in present international written standards and guides, F Pavese
An optimised uncertainty approach to guard-banding in global conformity assessment, L R Pendrill
From GUM to alternative methods for measurement uncertainty evaluation, M Priel
The propagation of uncertainty related to the calibration functions of platinum resistance thermometers and possible correlation effects, A S Ribeiro, J A Sousa, C O Costa, M G Cox, P M Harris
Measurement of characteristics related to human perception, G B Rossi
Lossless compression of computer tomography, R Schmitt, P Fritz
Declaration and specification of a geometrical part in the language of geometric algebra, P Serré, M Moinet, A Clément
Modelling of dynamic measurement systems and uncertainty analysis employing discretised state-space forms, K-D Sommer, U Hanebeck, M Krystek, F Sawo
Optimal decision rules and limits of detection, J A Sousa, A B Forbes
Validity of expanded uncertainties evaluated using the Monte Carlo method, H Tanaka, K Ehara
Model based uncertainty analysis in inter-laboratory studies, B Toman, A Possolo
Gear metrology of statistical tolerancing by numerical simulation, J-P Vincent, C Baudouin, J Bruyere, J-Y Dantan, R Bigot
Transferring Monte Carlo distributions in the evaluation of uncertainty, R Willink
Mathematical entropy and a criticism of a usage of the principle of maximum entropy, R Willink
Multivariate and functional clustering applied to measurements of laboratory analysis systems, I Winzenborg, A Geistanger, U Stadtmüller
Impact of correlation in the measured frequency response on the results of a dynamic calibration, G Wübbeler, ALink, T Bruns, C Elster
Uncertainty of standard concentrations, calibrations line and Predictions, C Yardin, S Kaba
The concept of “virtual microscope” for nanometrology, A V Zablotskiy, A S Baturin, V S Bormashov
Orthogonal distance fitting of precision free-form surfaces based on l1 norm, Xiangchao Zhang, Xiangqian Jiang, P J Scott
Allan variance and the uncertainty of autocorrelated measurements, Nienfan Zhang