P. Ciarlini, E. Filipe, A. B. Forbes, F. Pavese and B. Siebert (Eds.): "Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology, vol. 7", Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences, vol 72, World Scientific, Singapore, 2006.

Table of Contents

Modeling measurement processes in complex systems with partial differential equations: from heat conduction to the heart, M Baer, S Bauer, K John, R Model and R W dos Santos
Mereotipological approach for measurement, E Benoit and R Dapoigny
Data evaluation of key comparisons involving several standards, M G Cox, P M Harris and E Woolliams
Box-Cox transformations versus robust control charts in statistical process, M I Gomes and F O Figueiredo
Decision making using sensor's data fusion and Kohonen self organising, P S Girao, J D Pereira and O Postolache
Generic system design for measurement databases – applied to calibrations in vacuum metrology, bio-signals and a template, H Groß, V Hartmann, K Jousten and G Lindner
Repeated measurements: evaluation of their uncertainty from the viewpoints of classical and Bayesian statistics, I Lira and W Wöger
Detection of outliers in interlaboratory testing and some thoughtsabout multivariate precision, C Perruchet
On appropriate methods for the validation of metrological software, D Richter, N Greif and H Schrepf
Data analysis – a dialogue with the data, D S Sivia
A virtual instrument to evaluate the uncertainty of measurement in the calibration of sound calibrators, G de Arcas, M Ruiz, J M Lopez, M Recuero and R Fraile
Reference functions in interlaboratory comparisons, W Bremser
Validation of a virtual sensor  for monitoring ambient parameters, P Ciarlini, U Maniscalco and G Regoliosi
Evaluation of standard uncertainties in nested structures, E Filipe
Linking GUM and ISO 5725, A B Forbes
A Bayesian analysis for the uncertainty evaluation of a multivariate non minear measurement model, G Iuculano, G Pellegrini and A Zanobini
Method comparison studies between different standardization networks, A Konnert
Convolution and uncertainty evaluation, J Korczynski, M G Cox and P Harris
Dimensional metrology of flexible parts: identification of geometrical deviations from optical measurements, Lartigue, F Thiébaut, P Bourdet and N Anwer
Distance approach to cubic splines on irregularly distributed physical data from the Brazilian northeastern coast, de Barros Melo, E A de Oliveira Lima, M C de Araujo Filho and C Costa Dantas
Decision-making with uncertainty in attribute sampling, L R Pendrill and H Källgren
Combining direct calculation and the Monte Carlo method for the probabilistic expression of measurement results, B Rossi, F Crenna, M G Cox and P M Harris
The IMet system – a secure approach to internet-enabled calibration, Å Sand and H Slinde
Monte Carlo study on logical and statistical correlation, Siebert, P Ciarlini and D Sibold
The middle ground in key comparison analysis: revisiting the Median, A G Steele and R J Douglas
System of databases for supporting co-ordination of processes under responsibility of Metrology Institute of Republic of Slovenia, Tasic, M Urleb and G Grgic
Contribution to surface best fit enhancement by the integration of the real point distribution, S Aranda, J Maihlé, J M Linares and J M Sprauel
Computational modeling of Seebeck coefficients of Pt/Pd Thermocouple, Aytekin, R Ince, A T Ince and S Oguz
Data evaluation and uncertainty analysis in an interlaboratory comparison of a pycnometer volume, Batista and E Filipe
Approximation of surface roughness profiles and parameters, J K Brennan, A Crampton, X Jiang , R Leach and P M Harris
Computer time (CPU) comparison of several input file formats considering different versions of MCNPX in case of personalised voxel-based dosimetry, Chiavassa, M Bardiès, D Franck, J R Jourdain, J F Chatal and I Aubineau-Lanièce
A new approach to data association for the verification of geometrical specification, J Y Choley, A Rivière, P Bourdet and A Clément
Measurements of catalyst concentration in the riser of a FCC cold model by gamma ray transmission, C Costa Dantas, V A dos Santos, E A de Oliveira Lima and S de Barros Melo
Software for data acquisition and analysis in angle standards calibration, M Dobre and H Piree
Calculation of uncertainties in Analogue Digital Converters – case study, M Korczynski and A Domanska
Asymptotic least squares and Student t sampling distributions, B Forbes
A statistical procedure to quantify the conformity of new thermocouples with respect to a reference function, Ichim and M Astrua
Non-parametric methods to evaluate derivative uncertainty in small data sets, Ichim, P Ciarlini, E Badea and G Della Gatta
Algorithms for scanning probe microscopy data analysis, H Klapetek
Error correction of a triangulation vision machine by optimization, A Meda and A Balsamo
Atomic clock prediction for the generation of a time scale, Panfilo and P Tavella
Some problems concerning the estimate of the uncertainty of the degree of equivalence in MRA key comparisons, F Pavese
Validation of Web application for testing of temperature software, A Premus, T Tasic, U Palmin and J Bojkovski
Measurement uncertainty evaluation using Monte Carlo simulation: examples of applications, J A Sousa, A S Ribeiro, C O Costa and M P Castro
Realisation of a process of real-time quality control of calibrations by means of the statistical virtual standard, V I Strunov
An approach to uncertainty analysis emphasizing a natural expectation of a client, R Willink