P. Ciarlini, M. G. Cox, E.Filipe, F. Pavese and D. Richter (Eds.): "Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology, vol.5", Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences, vol. 57, World Scientific, Singapore, 2001.

Table of Contents

Discrete B-spline approximation in a variety of norms, I J Anderson and D A Turner
Local and global calibration of coordinate measuring machines, S  D Antunes, P M V C D Antunes and M A F  Vicente
Parameter intrinsic identifiability of error models: the case of geometrical errors of CMMs, A Balsamo
A methodology for testing the numerical accuracy of scientific software used in metrology, J Barret, M G Cox, M P Dainton and P M Harris
A statistical model for the analysis of single-photon counts, S Castelletto, I P Degiovanni and M L Rastello
ActiveX-tools for data acquisition with automatic ASL-F18 and  MI-, B Cavigioli, P Marcarino, A Merlone and P P M Steur
GUM and MRA: some problems of data processing and measurement uncertainty evaluation, A Chunovkina and A Chursin
Interactive bootstrap computing on the internet, P Ciarlini, P G Gherardini and G Regoliosi
Iteratively reweighted total least squares algorithms for different variances in observations and data, G Cirrincione, S van Huffel, A Premoli and M L Rastello
On the construction and behavior of a general class of biorthogonal Filters, M Cotronei and M L Lo Cascio
Use of Monte Carlo simulation for uncertainty evaluation in Metrology, M G Cox, M P Dainton, A B Forbes, P M Harris, H Schwenke, B R L Siebert and W Wöger
The total median and its uncertainty, M G Cox and E Pardo Iguzquiza
Surface approximation of curved data using separable radial basis Functions, A Crampton and J C Mason
Use of an integrated relational database for thermometer and humidity calibrations and data conservation, J F Dubbeldam and R Bosma
Assessment of current methods of analysis for quantitative in-vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy, C Elster, A Link, F Schubert, F Seifert, M Walzel, D Richter and H Rinneberg
The Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) – recognizing national traceability, E. Filipe
Self-calibration and error separation in metrology, A B Forbes and I M Smith
Efficient estimators in data fusion, A B Forbes
The determination of the geometric parameters of a flexible arm co-ordinate measuring machine, P M Fossati, A B Forbes and P M Harris
Estimation of the covariance matrix of individual standards by means  of comparison measurements, F J  Galindo, J J Ruiz, E Giachino, A Premoli and P Tavella
Mathematical model adequacy in metrology: step-by-step approach, V A Granovsky and T N Siraya
Databases in Metrology: requirements and solutions, V Hartmann, H Gross and D Richter
Tools for quality testing of batches of artifacts: the cryogenic thermometers for the LHC, D Ichim, F. Pavese, C and J Casas-Cubillos
Advanced spindle runout-roundness separation method, M J Jansen, P H J Schellekens and B de Veer
Uncertainty evaluation and software development for the density determination by hydrostatic weighting, R Juma, I Castanheira, A van der Veen, F Vaz and H Fino
Bayesian approaches to data fusion, G Kelly
How to treat correlation in the uncertainty budget when combining results from different measurements, R Kessel, M Berglund, P Taylor and R Wellum
Estimators for key comparison reference values, R Köhler
An improved algoritm for approximating data in the l1 norm, Lei D, I J Anderson, M G Cox
Applications of Support Vector Machine Regression in Metrology and Data Fusion, J C Mason and D A Turner
A new software for the automation of accurate pressure regulation in gas controlled heat-pipes, A Merlone, B Cavigioli and P Marcarino
Wavelet-transform utilized for the evaluation of measurements of the thickness of coatings, H Moeck and K Herrmann
Using coordinate measuring machine software as a virtual machine to simulate a six-axis machine tool, in order to verify machining offset data, N B Orchard
An algorithm for on-line outlier rejection by sequence analysis in data acquisition: the equispaced data case, F Pavese, D Ichim and P Ciarlini
Mutual recognition and equivalence in radioactivity: how can the international reference system be used?, G Ratel
METROS – A web site for algorithms for metrology and associated Guidance, D Rayner and R Barker
An algorithm for the approximation of range data by parametric Curves, C Ross and J C Mason
Interpreting key comparison data for  the MRA databases, A G Steele, B M Wood and R J Douglas
Quantifying demonstrated equivalence: a QDE tookit, A G Steele, B M Wood and R J Douglas
Determination of the certified value of the certified value of a reference material appreciating the uncertainty statements obtained in the collaborative study, A M H van der Veen
Data fusion in the certification of reference materials, A M H van der Veen
Calculation of measurement uncertainty for multi-dimensional machines using the method of surrogate data, B van Dorp
The estimation of a confidence belt for the uncertainty expression in a measurement process by computationally intensive methods, A Zanobini, G Juculano and G P Gualtieri