P. Ciarlini, A. B. Forbes, F. Pavese and D. Richter (Eds.): "Advanced Mathematical and Computational Tools in Metrology, vol. 4", Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences, vol. 53, World Scientific, Singapore, 2000.

Table of Contents

An efficient algorithm for template matching , I J Anderson, J C Mason and D A Turner
A mathematical model of geometric errors in case of specification and 3D control of mechanical parts, E Ballot and P Bourdet
Optimisation algorithm for generalised distance regression in Metrology, M Bartholomew-Biggs, B P Butler and A B Forbes
Quality evaluation of data processing in measurement: bridge between algorithms and programs, I B Chelpanov, V A Granovsky and T N Siraya
An application of bootstrap regression to metrological data with errors in both variables, P Ciarlini and G Regoliosi
A discussion of approaches for determining a reference value in the analysis of key-comparison data, M G Cox
An integral equation and its numerical treatment for the computation of the magnetic field in presence of superconducting, C Dagnino, P Lamberti and A Negro
Evaluation of lateral shearing interferograms, C Elster
Error component determination of multi-axis machines from3D-length measurements, G H J Florussen, F L M Delbressine and P H J Schellekens
Fusing prior calibration information in metrology data analysis, A B Forbes
Software engineering related standards and guidelines for metrology, N Grief and D Richter
Measurement uncertainty: a probability mathematical model based on the estimation of a confidence belt, G Iuculano and G Pellegrini Gualtieri
The concept of alpha-shapes applied to three-dimensional Metrology, C Lartigue, B Chevalier and L Mathieu
Building numerical libraries using FORTRAN 90/95, Z A Maan
Quantum stabilisation techniques and applications in metrology, C Macchiavello
Virtual testing: interaction with a composites model using the Internet, N J McCormick
Uncertainty estimation of numerically computed quantities: a case study for the twofold derivative, M Orlt, D Richter
Mathematical problems in the definition of standards based on scales: the case of temperature, F Pavese
Overview of the UK Software Support for Metrology Programm, D Rayner
Evaluation of calibration software embedded in a “self-calibrating” Instrument, G Rietveld, J Jacobson and M Ohlsson
Approximating coordinate data that has outliers, C Ross, I J Anderson, J C Mason and D A Turner
Discussion of methods for the assessment of uncertainties in Monte Carlo particle transport calculations, B R L Siebert