P. Ciarlini, M. G. Cox, F. Pavese and D. Richter (Eds.): "Advanced Mathematical Tools in Metrology, vol. 3", Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences, vol. 45, World Scientific, Singapore, 1997.

Table of Contents

The ISO Guide on uncertainty measurement: a bridge between statistics and metrology, W. Bich
Bootstrap technique, P. Ciarlini
The technologically and topologically related surface model:  13 oriented constraints for  dimensioning, tolerancing & inspection, A. Clement et al.
Reference data sets for testing software used in metrology, M. G. Cox et al.
Uncertainty in chemical measurement, S. Ellison
Mathematical methods for data analysis in medical applications, J. Honerkamp
High-dimensional empirical linear prediction, K. Liu
Wavelet methods in signal processing, P. Maass
Software problems in calibration service: a case study, D. Richter et al.
Robust alternatives to least squares, W. Stahel
Gaining information from biomedical measurements, L. Trahms
Increase of information in the course of  measurement, P. Bölöni
A framework for model validation and testing data-fitting software, B. Butler
Certification of algorithms for determination of extreme values during measurements, A. G. Chunovkina et al.
A method for evaluating trends in ozone concentration data and its application to data from the UK rural ozone monitoring network, M. G. Cox et al.
Identification of signal components by stochastic modelling in evoked magnetic  field measurements in peripheral nerves, T. Gräbe et al.
High precision 3D-calibration of cylindrical standards, O. Jusko et al.
Dipole estimation for MCG-Data, E. Krause
Transfer functions of discrete spline filters, M. Krystek
Some mathematical problems in CMM for questions of estimations of form  evolvent  and other surfaces of  complicated form, V. G. Lyssenko et al.
An approximation method for the  linearisation of  3D metrology problems, L. Mathieu et al.
Quality of experimental data in hydrodynamic research, M. Masia  et al.
Least squares estimation using Lagrange multipliers, L. Nielsen
A regularisation algorithm for image reconstruction from projections, E. Loli Piccolomini et al.
Stochastic drift models for the determination of calibration intervals, P. Tavella et al.
Physical dimensions of vectors and matrices in CMM, A. Balsamo
Projection method for lidar measurements, C. Böckmann
Photon flux measurements by regularised solution of a system of integral equations, S. Castelletto et al.
Correct solutions of fit problems in different experimental situations, Y. V. Chebrakov et al.
An iterative method for curve fitting with errors in both variables, P. Ciarlini et al.
Designing axially symmetricc electromechanical systems of superconducting  magnetic levitation in Matlab environment, E. Frantsuz et al.
Data flow analysis in legal metrology, N. Greif et al.
Generalised data model for integrating clinical data and biosignal records of patients, H. Gross et al.
Assessment of 3D structures in clinical dentistry, V. Jovanovski et al.
Maximum entropy and Bayesian approaches to parameter estimation in mass metrology, T. S. Leahy
Amplitude and phase determination of sinusoidal vibration i the nanometric range using quadrature signals, A. Link
Properties and performance of a particular class of wavelet, L. Lo Cascio et al.
Approximation of 2D data set by sine functions, G. Oganesian et al.
Influence of different kinds of errors on imaging results in optical tomography, M. Orlt et al.
Application of laser interferometry for automatic calibration of height setting micrometers, C. Quan
Application of robust estimation to the verification and diagnosis of measuring devices, V. I. Teleshevsky et al.