P. Ciarlini, M. G. Cox, F. Pavese and D. Richter (Eds.): "Advanced Mathematical Tools in Metrology, vol. 2", Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences, vol. 40, World Scientific, Singapore, 1996.

Table of Contents

Performing measurements through correct metrologcal procedures, E. Arri
Constructing and solving mathematical models of measurement M. G. Cox
Relevant general-purpose mathematical and statistical software, J. Du Croz
Model Parametrisation, A. B. Forbes
The singular value decomposition, G. H. Golub
On the Numerical Solution of Cauchy singular integral equations. I – A survey of methods with computational aspects, L. Gori
On the Numerical Solution of Cauchy singular integral equations. II –A projector-splines method for solution, L. Gori, E. Santi
A tool to measure dependancies in data sequences, B. Pompe
Statistical problems in calibration design, A. Bernieri, G. Betta, M. Dell'Isola
The concept of the small displacement torsor in metrology, P. Bourdet, L. Mathieu, C. Lartigue, A. Ballu
Monitoring an industrial process: bootstrap estimation of the accuracy of quality parameters, P. Ciarlini, A. Gigli, G. Regoliosi, L. Moiraghi, A. Montefusco
The calibration of adsorbed dose standards for ionising radiation, S. Duane
Gaining information from measurement data, C. Elster, H. Gross, D. Richter
A comparison of methods used for the calculation of effective area in the calibration of pressure balances, A. B. Forbes, P. M. Harris
Iterative solution of least-squares problems applied to flatness and grid measurements, H. Haitjema
Reconstruction algorithms for optical tomography, R. Model
Numerical evaluation of special integrals with application to contact problems, M. Morandi Cecchi, E. Pirozzi, G. Zavarise
Debye functions in temperature metrology, J. V. Nicholas
A new approach to total least-squares techniques for metrological applications, A. Premoli, M. L. Rastello, G. Cirrincione
Characterization of 3D surface roughness, P. J. Scott
A new method and software-tool for the exact solution of complex dimensional measurement problems, D. Sourlier, W. Gander
The virtual CMM concept, E. Trapet, F. Wäldele
On the grouping rule for random samples, E. Di Nardo, E. Pirozzi
The "linear regression method" for optimal circle fitting, A. Kwan, J.A. Brandon
An analysis of statistical estimation methods used in high accuracy mass determination, T. S. Leahy
Description and measurement of transient ultrasound fields, S. Leeman, A. J. Healey
Algorithms for orthogonal fitting of lines and planes: a survey, D. S. Zwick