P. Ciarlini, M. G. Cox, R. Monaco and F. Pavese (Eds.): "Advanced Mathematical Tools in Metrology, vol. 1", Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences, vol. 16, World Scientific, Singapore, 1994, pp. 270.

Table of Contents

Survey on algorithms and metrology applications: discrete processes, M. G. Cox
Mathematical problems in metrology: modelling and solution methods, N. Bellomo and L. Preziosi
Solving linear models for data analysis on parallel computers, I. Galligani
Inference with the fuzzy logic, G. Bortolan
Semi-implicit numerical methods for convection–diffusion equations, V. Casulli and E. Bertolazzi
The finite elements technique: theory, procedures and applications, T. Scapolla
Approximation methods in curves and surfaces generation, M. Morandi Cecchi
Estimation problems in the field of dimensional metrology: methodology and experience, E. Canuto
Geometrical tolerance assessment problems, B. P. Butler, A. B. Forbes and P. M. Harris
Wave propagation in dissipative solids, A. Morro
Splines and Cauchy principal value integrals, L. Gori
Computer-aided solution of integral equations in measurements, S. Denasi, A. Premoli and M. L. Rastello
Applied modulo counting, J. W. Müller
Outlier-resistant methods for estimation and model fitting, D. Vecchia and J. Splett
Comparison calibrations in metrology: a survey, W. Bich and P. Tavella
Self-calibration with application to CMMs geometry error correction, P. C. Cresto
An introduction to spectral analysis and wavelets, D. B. Percival
Mathematical models for optimal filtering and forecasting in time series analysis, F. Sacerdote
Some mathematical problems in counting statistics, J. W. Müller
Performance of standards: intercomparison, treatment of correlations, detection of laboratory offsets and outliers, long-term assessment of an ensemble of standards, R. B. Frenkel
Non-parametric bootstrap with application to metrological data, P. Ciarlini, G. Regoliosi and F. Pavese
Validation of metrology reference software, J. Kok
Classification of mathematical software for metrology, M. G. Cox
Mathematical software for metrology: meeting the needs of the metrologist, A. B. Forbes
Software quality assurance in metrology, D. Richter
Simulation of the cooling phase of dynamic thermal conductivity experiments, M. M. Cerimele, F. Pistella and J. Spisiak
Evaluation of the relief errors as a function of parametrization errors in measuring sculptured surfaces, V. J. Sanchez, B.G. Ruiz
ARX: an optimal parametric stochastic filter, A. Montefusco, C. Colli, and M. Maffé