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The XXIInd IMEKO World Congress, the major IMEKO event in 2018

The website for the IMEKO XXII World Congress 2018 in Belfast from September 3rd to 6th is now fully live and accessible. You are invited to attend this great event and to submit papers in due time.
Key Dates (updated 29th January 2018):

  • Submission of 4-Page Paper - 5th March 2018 (N E W)
  • Notification of Acceptance - 4th May 2018 (N E W)
  • Final 4-Page Paper Ready - 7th June 2018 (N E W)
  • Early Bird Registration Closes - 26th June 2018


Our Winter 2017 newsletter is available

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The fourth 2017 issue of Acta IMEKO is published

From the Editorials to the issue:

Dear Readers,  
Number 4, Volume 6 of Acta IMEKO is ... centered on the 21st Symposium on Measurement of Electrical Quantities and 19th Workshop on ADC/DAC Modelling and Testing which were held in the city of Budapest, Hungary on September 2016. The main objectives of these scientific tribute and events were to present the latest research, to stimulate information exchanges on current research dedicated to the measurement, monitoring and recording of electrical signals ...
(By Alexandru Salceanu and Vilmos Pálfi) 

Nine additional papers from the XXI IMEKO World Congress 2015, Prague, close this issue of Acta IMEKO.

The full papers are available for free from the website of Acta IMEKO. Enjoy reading.