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to our new members in the IMEKO family:
- INDIA: Metrology Society of India, New Delhi
- UKRAINE: Ukraine Academy of Metrology, Kiev
Also a warm welcome to our new Egyptian member organization: National Institute of Standards, El-Giza.


Our South African member organization NMISA celebrates 70 years of accurate scientific measurement (metrology) and 10 years of Institution existence with commemoration events and a scientific conference
from 31 July to 4 August 2017 near the NMISA premises, in Pretoria. More information on the website of NMISA.


The first 2017 issue of Acta IMEKO is published

Acta IMEKO Vol6 No1 coverFrom the Editorials to the issue:

"Dear Reader,  
The first 6 papers in issue 6.1 originate from the 2015 World congress. The paper by Michael Kobusch and Sascha Eichstädt is aimed at illustrating a problem in system identification in the area of mechanical measurements, so to achieve a model-based calibration of a strain gauge force transducer. Yukio Hiranaka, Shinichi Miura and Toshihiro Taketa take into account the goal of determining the system input of a heater from measured data of room temperature. This leads to a backward simulator that tries to minimise processing time by taking into account the particular nature of the problem and also the usage of a forward model.
Sergey V. Muravyov, Irina A. Marinushkina, and Diana D. Garif cover the topic of inter laboratory comparison. They propose a software to process experimental or simulated data by means of an aggregate preference method that, according to the authors, outperforms some other known rules that allow establishment of the reference value of a measurand. Michal Junek, Jiří Janovec and Petr Ducháček describe the method to measure the hardness of creep-resistant steel using ultrasound techniques to prove that the independence of the results obtained by such method from the Young’s modulus of the specimen is not entirely correct. Giovanni Betta et al. describe the issues associated with the metrological characterisation of 3D biometric face recognition systems and Dragana Popovic Renella et al. give an overview of commercially available teslameters used for measuring DC and AC magnetic flux densities.
The next two papers in this issue were freely submitted by the authors. The paper by Catarina André et al. is in the area of measurements for the food industry. It discusses the design of statistical experiments to quantify the amount of free-monomeric isocyanates in aggregated cork stoppers. Dirk Röske et al. describe the realization of a software tool for the calculation of uncertainty in force measurements. This research was developed through a research project in the European Metrology Research Programme.
Have a fruitful reading of the first issue of ACTA IMEKO in 2017!"
(By Paolo Carbone, shortened version)

The full papers are available for free from the website of Acta IMEKO.
Enjoy reading.