TC12 - Temperature and Thermal Measurements

The Technical Committee 12 of IMEKO (IMEKO TC12) was established in 1979.


Recent News

1)  TEMPMEKO 2013, the major  event of Technical Committee 12 was held successfully in October 2013 at Funchal/Madeira, Portugal.  Complete details are available in a special issue of the  "Newsletter after TEMPMEKO 2013", freely available for download by everybody in the "Documents" section.

2)  During the conference dinner at TEMPMEKO 2013, a  semiserious presentation titled a "TEMPMEKO tale" was given by the departing Chairman (Francesco Righini), covering the birth of TC12 and developments in TEMPMEKOs.  A pdf version of that presentation (the slides without the talking part) can be freely downloaded at the bottom of the "Documents" section

3) The TC12 Newsletter dated October 2014 is a commemorative issue describing the development of TC12 in the last twenty years and beyond.  It includes a picture history of some TC12 events


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