TC25 - Quantum Measurement and Quantum Information - Aims


The aim of this TC is to provide a forum to discuss advances in quantum-based measurement, the quantum technologies they support, and the changes they imply for the international metrology infrastructure and for applications.  Topics include:

  • Latest trends and best practices in quantum-based measurements across multiple disciplines;
  • How quantum technology in combination with the redefinition of the SI is changing the face of the realization and dissemination of measurement standards and services;
  • Readiness of various quantum measurement technologies and prospects for future standardization;
  • Connection between quantum information and quantum metrology, such as the use of quantum states for measurement;
  • Identification and communication of technical advances and novel applications that are made possible by quantum enhanced metrology. This includes discussion of use cases, and examples and limitations of quantum technology;
  • Creating a foundation for international acceptance and mutual recognition of field-deployable and chip-scale quantum-based standards.

 Expected Results:

  • Articulation of the role of quantum technologies for the realization and dissemination of standards;
  • Recommendations for:
    • The modernization of the international metrology infrastructure to accommodate quantum-based standards;
    • The international acceptance of chip-scale quantum standards;
    • Lowering the barriers to adoption of quantum standards and technologies by NMIs in emerging countries.
  • A forum for the metrology community, industry and academia to facilitate:
    • Advancing quantum technologies through precision measurements and standards;
    • Using novel quantum measurement techniques in applications;
    • Developing benchmarks and modes of intercomparison for quantum technologies;
    • Instilling confidence in quantum standards and technologies and promoting their adoption and commercialization by industry.

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